So we begin,,,,at an ending

I figure I will start with thoughts about Requiem, the current Bat story arc.  This is still ongoing, and I will cover it as more is revealed.  When I have nothing to say, I will cover back issues and such.

I have followed Damien and Batman for 18 issues….That is a year and a half.  And have grown sort of attached to the little guy.  At first I was like, “Hmmm……This new Robin is Batman’s son.”  At first I thought this was a New 52 change, but learned later that what changed was not Robin, but Batman, back into Bruce Wayne.  Prior to Flashpoint, Dick Greyson was Batman in the “old 52.”

Anyway, I like seeing Robin act darker than Batman.  This was a twist!  And I followed them and looked forward to this book even more than the other Bat books… closest good story on the shelf was the TMNT reboot.

And we saw Damien grow more docile.  He gained more control.  He acted…less…bratty.  He still disobeyed and left the house constantly….Isn’t that what Jason and Tim did too?  (and Stephanie Brown….OOPS, I said the “S” word!.  DC’s gonna shut down this blog!)

Kidding aside, After I read Batman Inc. #8 in digital form… (I mentioned earlier that I missed the issue. Go back and read lazies……)   After seeing the manner in which they killed him off, it was way too easy.  Robin deserved a few issues worth of a death scene.  Didn’t Jason get that?  And a fan vote?  Even Stephanie’s death was over one issue.  They give Damien a few panels, a death scene with a psycho crying mom and Batman dad both in tears.  And that’s it.  BAM.  Batman is in a rage in the other issues we read.  There is a very small funeral.

Here’s what irks me.  TO NO END.

We had that HUGELY ANTICIPATED “Death of the Family” story.  A years worth of suspense concerning the Joker.  A huge crossover event.  A game changer!  Highly publicized.  Highly advertised.  Highly effective.  Highly emotional.  Epic story.  Epic ending.

No mention of a Death of Robin.  No “A Death in the Family,” like Jason had.  No gang war like Stephanie had.  Just a big guy with a sword.  Stab.  That’s it.  RIP Robin.  This is wrong. wrong in the worst way.  And the art in that book TOTALLY STANK.  (One of the reasons I wasn’t reading Batman Inc.)

It reminds me of the hollow ending of Spawn #100, all those years ago, when Spawn beheads Malebolgia.  You had 100 issues of this all powerful bad guy.  And Spawn steals an angel’s (Angela’s if I remember correctly)  weapon and does the deed in like, one page.  The end.  Thanks for your business.

It reminds me of….Almost nothing else!  It was horrible treatment of a great character.  Which deserved a lot more grandiose of a send off.  Or NOT!  Why not keep him?  We still have Tim!  He never died!

And how many more Robins are they gonna kill off?  Isn’t this getting old?

So Damien could come back to life.  That isn’t the current plan.  We already Lazarus Pitted Jason Todd.  (I am warming up to this….I was pretty resistant at first, but the character of Red Hood has grown on me.)  Something else freaky could bring him back…This is comics after all.  But I think something else is going to happen entirely, and I am not going to like it.  So I am following this post with another post about conjecture for what is going to happen next….Since I am on a roll, I will go ahead and do that today!  Thanks readers, and Reeders!



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