Groovy Dork list

So I am going to create a new feature….The Groovy Dork list!  You’ll see how it works.  Also, I’m experimenting with pictures!

GROOVY  Detective Comics #19 is 80 pages!  Because I am a subscriber, that is a 600% value!

DORK    Anyone heard the song “Icky Thump” by the White Stripes?  I know it isn’t a new song, but I listened to it in its entirety yesterday when it played on 93.3 The Planet a few days ago.  This is seriously the worst song I think I have ever heard.  And I have a degree in music!  I am a lover of nearly all things RAWK.  But this is just wrong.  Give my my noise rock, death metal, Ben Folds FIve, Weezer, oldies, classic, whatever.  But not this.  My ears are infected now after hearing that.

GROOVY    Batman #19 came with a special cover for subscribers, and included a free digital copy!

DORK     Alysia?  Really?  Maybe she was being sarcastic?  I am referring to Batgirl #19.  Was this really necessary?  Now I have to keep this away from my children until they are older.  It’s a good story, though.

GROOVY    The Russell Stover’s S’more cookie is over the top!  I got one from the Dollar General Market here at the edge of the world.

DORK    I have lost lots of Magic The Gathering matches…..I probably don’t have a good shot tomorrow either, with my four color humans and angels deck.  But I am a slave to my habit.  So I’ll eat my candy with my pork and beans, and drive myself over to Mad Max’s tomorrow night.  Maybe I can post this as GROOVY sometime.

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