Follow up, Follow Up! Follow Up!! to Robin Laid an Egg!

My issue came and I finally got to read it!  This issue does feature Carrie in the Robin costume, and it also features other partying friends dressed as Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Aquaman, (Basically a Justice League costume party).  If you have been reading this story, then you probably read the “Batman and Robin Annual.”  In that book, Bruce tells Damian that he needs to work on his “Green Screen” skills.  And we see Damian trying to trick Batman into thinking he is in different locations with a Green Screen.  So this indicates that Damian either went and hired Carrie to teach him those skills, or he was already taking classes from her.  Filmography must have been an ambition of Damian’s.  Damian was 10.  This girl was driving, and seems to be at least 17 years old.  So he wasn’t “dating” her.  (I guess that should read “she wasn’t “dating” him!)

Other details about the book….I won’t spoil those, but lets just say this one went somewhere I totally didn’t expect it to go!  Batman has gone nuts!


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