Game Review! Injustice: Gods Among Us (IOS version)

What do you get when you cross Mortal Kombat, Shadow Era, and Infinity Blade?

Injustice: Gods Among Us.      This is DC Comics newest video game release.  Since I don’t have a PS#, Xbox 360, or Nintendo Wii U, I’ll just give you my IOS assessment.

So I bought this game last night….and it took so long to download to my iPad Mini I waited to play it until in the morning!  However, the game was free……(We all know the catch here!  In App Purchases)

I just ignored the chance to purchase stuff at first, which is my general practice anyways, and dug into the game.  The game started me with three complimentary characters, Nightwing, The Flash, and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan).  After I won a few battles, I unlocked Catwoman.

It’s been awhile since a game got me.  “It got me!” (said in Sweet Brown’s voice.)

I played this game for well over an hour.  It is pretty simple.  You just tap and swipe on the screen, in a fighting style similar to Infinity Blade, but not nearly as in depth.

When you unlock characters and things, they go into your collection as “cards.”  Like Shadow Era or Magic The Gathering trading cards.  Really.  And they get exhausted over time…  This keeps you recharging them with energy cards, or swapping them out with new cards that are not exhausted.  I have not run out of these energy cards yet, but I think I know where that’s going.  They will eventually, and if I want to play, I will have to fork over the dough.  I have had a lot of fun for free, so far, but I liked the game enough to go ahead and buy their $4.99 special booster pack.  This got me Harley Quinn’s card, Green Arrow’s card, and another Flash card, this time the “regime” version.  This was the first time I noticed that there are different versions of each character.  This is a cool touch!  Regime Flash is much bigger and has a fancier costume.

I have nearly leveled my Catwoman all the way up.  I also had a tough time with the first boss, which was Hal Jordan.  But after I beat him, my characters each got a big boost in levels.

All of this is cool, except that some of the in-app purchases are very expensive.  You can unlock 1,900,000 game currency for a whopping $99.  You see, I hate this.  It makes me think I will never be able to achieve the perfect game without paying WAY TOO MUCH.  I vow not to spend any more money on this game.  I will grind my way to the top if I ever get there.  $5.00 is one thing, but $99 is just about enough to go and buy a newer console system.  I could buy the whole “Dragon Maze” Magic The Gathering set for around that price, and probably have a wealth of cards I could trade in at the comics store.  And I would have REAL CARDS.  Not digital goods only.

The best thing about this game has got to be the BEAUTIFUL GRAPHICS.  Never have the DC heroes and villains looked so realistic.  Never have they had such high resolution.  Never have they been so awesome.  This is why it is a good thing the Mortal Kombat people are on it.  They did it right!
You can see strands of hair, scales of chain mail, screws and nuts and bolts and wires.  Feathers on arrows.  This game is made by the graphics.  In fact, it makes up for a weak fighter with all of the awesome images and the cool stuff.  Isn’t this kind of what makes Mortal Kombat successful?  Compared to other fighting games, MK is weak on the mechanics, etc.  But makes up for it with its coolness.  Ed Boon is bringing that same magic to this game.

Incidentally, the oldest SpartanSmurf in this house thinks this game is AWESOME!

So I am going to grade this game 8\10.  It looses a mark for being expensive.  (But paying out IS optional, it will just slow you down big time if you don’t.)  And it loses a point for lack of depth as a fighting game.  Everything else is solid.  Especially the graphics.

So what is your rating?

Back to my fully restored NES!

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