NEW JERUSALEM! SpartanNerd’s insight.

Turns out, the SpartanNerd is a believer!  You beleedat?

Yep.  Bana fide.  Jesus fills this nerd’s heart.

And so, the topic at hand, from a nerd perspective….

NEW JERUSALEM, as described in Revelation 21 and 22.  (Yes.  In the Bible!  Don’t freak, Hub City Geeks!)

This thing is a total square!  Literally!  (How else can a real believer take the Bible?)  It is a cube.  1500 miles long, wide, and tall.

So that is a major deal.  Some perspective, our planes fly no more than 50 miles above the Earth. The International Space Station is 250 miles above the earth.

A 1500 mile long square side would go from…well, check out this picture.  Link

Now if this isn’t SpartanNerd-y enough, sorry.  Let me know by comment!

That’s word we Pray!

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