Spartanburg Philharmonic Orchestra…Local Music Review!

             So this evening I had the chance to rehearse with the Spartanburg Philharmonic Orchestra, and I would like to say, what a swell group of folks.  Sara Ioannides is a fantastic conductor, and an artistic genius.  This particular rehearsal was in gearing up for an educational concert, and the orchestra sort of did “dry runs” through the songs first, and then the conductor had them fix a few things, tweaking them to sound like they are supposed to.  I’ve heard this orchestra several times over the past few years…..They always sound good.  And there doesn’t seem to be a lot of “hired-in” musicians who come in from a long way off or anything.  They seem to be local people.

              How many of you Hub City Geeks out there did not even know that we had an Orchestra here in Spartanburg?  Clear some time with some special people and go and hear one of their concerts.  You won’t regret it!  Yes, you need to dress up!


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