Toy Review…….Panthor, Masters of the Universe Classics

Yesterday I reviewed Battle Cat.  So today I will give you a review of Panthor.  There are a lot of similarities!

So if you read my review of Battle Cat, you already know what you are getting.  Except this time it’s purple.  And instead of a tiger-based beast, it is a panther-based beast.

This time nudity doesn’t seem so wrong.  Panthor was usually depicted without his saddle and armor on the Filmation show.  (At least that is how I remember him the most.)  He has the same joints as Battle Cat.  He has a different head-sculpt, though.

Many people complain that Panthor is not flocked.  I am personally glad that the Four Horsemen decided to just stick with a molded plastic and painted look.  Flocking would have obscured all of the wonderful details.  Did anyone see the 200x monstrosity that was supposed to pass for Panthor?  It was WAY too fluffy.  And though the figure does lose something tactile, it more than makes up for it by being beautifully executed.

The head sculpt is more laid back….what I mean is his ears are back, like he’s really angry.  He has different whiskers than Battle Cat, and personally, I think a cuter face, but angry just the same.

So what about his accessories?  Here is where the Four Horsemen got creative. The saddle and armor (one piece) are exactly the same as Battle Cat’s, only a shiny green that really pops against the purple fur.  Think “Emerald Green,” if it does you well.  And then there is the headpiece.

The vintage Panthor did not have a headpiece.  This was an area where Battle Cat definitely had Panthor beat.  But now, OH BOY!  Panthor has an awesome helmet featuring little horns that match what is on the armor, with some giant ram horns added!  I love the helmet so much I usually display him with it on.  But lots of people seem to detest it.  I heard someone on Roast Gooble Dinner say they wanted to smash it with a sledgehammer.   Really?  Come on guys.  It’s not that bad.  Just different than vintage.  This helmet reminds me of that crazy vehicle from the Mike Young show that Skeletor used to destroy Hordak’s shrine.  It is a good compliment to Skeletor’s Havoc Staff as well.

For the record, the two cats’ helmets do not interchange.

Panthor suffers from the same problems as Battle Cat.  Loose joints, droopy head, questionable stirrups.

So, I’ll leave you with some pictures.  I am quite fond of Battle Cat, being a “good guy” most of the time as a kid.  But dare I say I like this Panthor better?  Maybe I’ll get a Griffin next? (Links to Pixel Dan video)   The Griffin would look great with Vikor!

Panthor gets a 4/5.

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