It’s Official.  I am a NERD!

Did anyone really second guess that?  But I made my way to my first CON this weekend.  And It was a blast!

The MonsterCon is owned by someone associated with “The Walking Dead.”

Being a cheapskate, and plenty busy, even for a teacher in the summer, I only made it to Saturday.  But Saturday was enough to just about lure me to just about every local CON I can make!  The people were so laid back.  They came unashamedly in costume.  They came enthusiastic.  They came in large numbers.

And there was so much to do!  I went specifically to play Magic:The Gathering.  They had a free draft tournament.  (Free cards!)  There wasn’t much gaming, tho.  This CON is in its infancy, so…..  But the gaming will come.

The largest presence there was of the Carolina Ghostbusters and the Madalorian Mercs.  These guys were over the top, with film accurate costumes and weapons.  The groups are also charitable contributors.  And now SpartanSmurf #1 wants to join the Madalorian Mercs.  He is thinking about how to make one of those AWESOME costumes.

Did I mention that I got to shake David Prowse’s hand?  Who you ask?  DARTH VADER!  The man in the suit from the original trilogy!

There were lots of vendors.  I was specifically looking for loose MOTUC figures.  But there were only a few MIB.  I bought a Spikor, and some vintage loose figures.  My associated SpartanSmurf bought just about the best DEADPOOL figure that has ever been made!

I wish….

I could have stayed for the “The Independents” concert.  That would have been BOSS!

There was more Masters of the Universe representation.

There was MORE in general.  Especially Magic: The Gathering.

But with what WAS there, I was very happy and inspired.  And I look forward to going again next year.



Sorry to keep you all waiting.

Lots has happened since May 16, (My last post.)  And I am rethinking a few things.  One of them is the whole “secret identity” thing……

Should I kill Batman, or Bruce Wayne?  Should I become “Joe Clark, Fireman?”  Should I walk away, SpartanNerd’s back facing the sun?  (All three famous references.  Did you get them?)

Maybe we should co-exist, sort of like Iron Man/ Tony Stark.  This is what I am thinking.

First of all, why the long break from the blog.

I tried a giveaway.  No One Wanted What I Got.  So it seemed.  Serious discouragement.  Were all of the hits that Google showed me really non-traffic?  Next problem?  Handicapped MacBook Pro.  This one is reworking itself, however.  I type this entry on the eight year old iMac that my mother got me eight years ago.  This Beast Machine is pretty slow, but we are old friends.  And it is not handicapped in the way that the MacBook Pro is after the Great Fall.  Still, the iMac is not my favorite way to write. I have an iPhone and an iPad mini, but those are more for play than work.

So this brings me to the question.  Should I publicize this blog to my family and friends?  Pester the folks I know of FaceBook?  Promote myself on places like Pop Culture Network and

Soul Searching….It’s what I have to do.

In the meantime, here’s what I’ll be writing about soon, all things which have happened.

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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe ongoing series
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Mega Man NT trading card game
Batman: Year Zero
Trinity War
Thoughts on “Batman and …….”
“Aquaman” Snore zzzzzzzz
Thoughts on the failure of Spider-Man
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