Aqua zzzzzz Snore zzzzzzzz

About a year ago, I was getting ill at “The Justice League” title.  Every book had a backup story about Shazam.  Someone who I never gave a sniff to.  And the more they printed, the less I appreciated it.  All the while I was reading AquaMan, and enjoying it quite a bit.  So when it came time to renew, what did I do?  Subscribe to AquaMan.

I’m getting mad just looking at this cheese cheeseball

AquaMan has been a read that I knew little about before I jumped on the New 52 wagon, but I knew enough about him to get me going from the old “SuperFriends” cartoon.  I had seen a few images of the more wizened version, who was King of Atlantis, and looked the part, with a hook hand and all.  The new AquaMan grabbed me as a throwback to the past, with strong character emphasis.

And character is one of the reasons I read comics.  And character is one of the reasons why I hate Shazam.

There has also been a great side-story about “The Others,” AquaMan’s other team.  These guys are cool.  Maybe they’ll become their own series.

I have stuck with Aquaman through the “Trench,” “Black Manta,” and “Throne of Atlantis” storylines. The Trench grabbed me.  Black Manta intrigued me. He’s a great villain.  And “Throne of Atlantis” was gripping, but it ended a little flat.

And that flatness has followed into the next storyline about the zombie dead king, for about five issues.

If things don’t improve, I will likely find something else to subscribe to.  YOU HEARD ME DC!

“Not fair.  They changed the outcome by measuring!”

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