MOTUC Figure review. MEGATOR! (grrr……..)

The BIG LOTS delivered a big value.  MEGATOR!!  Only $10!

My boys actually thought about getting my TYTUS for Christmas two years ago.  I talked them out of it, though.  I said “If they ever make a MEGATOR, I’ll get that.”  Because he’s cooler and all.

Here is my review!  (This is NOT an unboxing.  I couldn’t wait.  I ripped him right out of the package!)

Here is the complete figure, the way the SpartanWife saw him upon first opening.

The SpartanWife said “That thing is hideous….”  And she was right!

FIrst thing.  He’s Huge!  Check him out next to Spikor!

MEGATOR dwarfs the already substantial conventional MOTUC figures

You might look at that picture again, and take it all in.  Because that is the number one trait.  He is a giant among giants!  In fact, he towers over He-Man and Skeletor when they are riding on their cats!

Yep.  He comes with an extra Zombie head!

If you keep up with MOTUC the way I have, you already knew.  This head was a SECRET accessory, withheld even from the likes of Pixel Dan and other reviewers.  It was supposed to be a FAN PERK.

I love it!

Imagine this.  On Walker St.!

Here is MEGATOR with that head on!


Let’s talk about that awesome weapon!  It is one of the best weapons to ever come with a MOTUC character, or a MOTU character ever!

A ball and chain, with a METAL chain.  This is a dangerous weapon.  I mean, even for real humans.  One of the first things I did was twirl it around.  SpartanSmurf #1 and #2 both said, “uh…you probably shouldn’t do that, Dad.”
MEGATOR (I must insist on all caps, guys!) doesn’t have as good of articulation as the other figures.  This is fine though.  The size makes it work.  He doesn’t have hip swivels or ab crunch, for instance.  The only articulation I really miss is shoulder and elbow swivels.  But all you get is a hinge.  and that’s good enough.  In fact, you can make MEGATOR swing that weapon around and around and around!
My rating for MEGATOR is 5/5.  Sure, his articulation isn’t great.  But SIZE MATTERS.  I have know about the rare vintage TYTUS and MEGATOR figures for some time.  I never expect to actually own one.  But this figure has gone beyond my expectations.  And the weapon and the zombie head make it even better.
So now I want a TYTUS!  I know he has a vacuum cleaner for a weapon…..But still, he would be awesome against MEGATOR!


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