Batman and ….Robin…..???? Comics Review

Since the untimely and unexpected death of Damien Wayne, the Batman and Robin title has been THE PLACE to follow the story.

Batman and Robin continues to be THE COMIC BOOK that keeps me hooked. If you have read my thoughts on AquaMan, then you know I am a little bit picky about my books. In my memory, I havn’t read a story in this title that I didn’t like. I DO wish that Batman could bring Damien back. But it’s not gonna happen, probably, so……

I was a little worried about what was going to happen.  But now I’m cool with it.

One of the things the writers apparently said was that there would not be a “weeping Batman.”  Aside from the “Requiem” storyline, this has been largely so.  More like a ticked off and crazy Batman, not so much a weeping one.

Which is why this has been so good!

Batman and Robin #19 (Batman and Red Robin)

This is one of my favorites from this series.  I love it when a comic book goes somewhere you didn’t expect.  Action Comics #13 was a fine example, maybe the best example of this.  But Batman and Red Robin goes BIZERK!  Batman, uh, dissects Frankenstein to try and see if he can figure out how it is he can be dead but alive.

Creepy.  And very entertaining.  But a little bit off of Batman’s character.  Which is big evidence of Bruce going insane.

Aside from this, we get to see Carrie Kelly in dressed like Robin.  Our first tease at who the next Robin will likely be.  And Bruce refers to Damien in the present tense throughout….pointing to even more craziness.

Batman and Robin #20  (Batman and Red Hood)

This one takes place after Jason has recovered from the Joker’s prank, of planting Joker gas in his hood, and lining it with acid.  (Am I right about that?)

If I can recall correctly, the end of Red Hood and the Outlaws #18 Bruce is HUGGING Jason.  These two have not been friends in the  NEW 52.  (In the OLD 52 either, I gather.)

So this issue has Batman bringing Red Hood for an attack on some weapons smugglers.  And then paying a visit to Ethiopia, which was apparently the site where Jason was ressurected.  Batman wants him to remember details, etc.  In a desperate attempt to bring Damien back.  Red Hood does not.  SO…….They get into an argument about Bruce being selfish.  Which is true.  He didn’t even CONSIDER how Jason felt about it..

Batman and Robin #21 (Batman and Batgirl)

In this issue, Barbara Gordon basically throws herself at Bruce.  Desperate to help him by becoming Robin.

This is probably my least favorite of them.  Why does she have to be so dramatic?  On the upside the whole thing is a cooperation of the two heroes having some great action.

This issue kind of leaves Carrie Kelly out.

Batman and Robin #22 (Batman and Catwoman)

This is a good story.  It isn’t a Batman and Robin story, though it does feature Carrie Kelly worming her way into the manner taking care of Titus.  (The dog.)

Everyone knows there is NO CHANCE of Catwoman becoming Robin, so….

But didn’t Bruce also recently lose a girlfriend….hmmmmmm

But could Carrie Kelly……..nah…..

But I found it interesting that it was here that Batman learned that Catwoman was in the JLA, sort of parallel to the Trinity story arc.

This is a moving little story.  A good one-issue thing.

So next month, Batman and Nightwing……  And it looks like Two Face might be the villain.  This should be fun!


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