Snout Spout was one of those oddball characters that I had when I was a kid.  As a child, I had 80% of the Masters of the Universe figures, and probably 60% of the vehicles.  (When I I say “I had,” I mean “We had.”  I grew up with two brothers.)  My memories of Snout Spout include squirting acid all over Skeletor, putting out fire in Castle Greyskull, watering plants, etc.  Because, he was basically an elephant shaped spray bottle.  (One of my brothers would take him into the bathtub) 😦

There were other figures that sprayed water also….Cobra Khan, and Dragon Blaster Skeletor.  But I don’t ever remember having a war between these three…..My Mom was kind of tight in controlling us making potential messes.

So here is the modern Snout Spout.

I found Snout Spout in the BIG LOTS sale.  He wasn’t at the first BIG LOTS I went to…but he was the only different figure they had at the alternate location.  Oddly, they had him behind the glass case up front, with the “highly desirable” items.  The other BIG LOTS did not have their MOTUC figures on display that way.

Here he is, in package.

I’m not ashamed of the price tag!

First thing we all notice, THE TRUNK IS HUGE!

His design is reminiscent of the Four Horsemen Seventh Kingdom elephants, which I have none of 😦

This figure has the softer look of the vintage figure, compromised with the more fierce look of the 200X design.  (That was a statue only, if I recall.)

Here’s the back of the box.

And a close-up of the BIO

I don’t collect the BIOS.  And I throw away the packages.  I’d rather use the room I have to display more nerd stuff.

In general, I like the MOTUC BIOs.  Lots of people don’t.  I can understand that.  But I always feel that I am at the mercy of what entertainment provides.  I might not always be a fan, but I will stick with it through thick and thin.  Snout Spout was never on the fimation He-Man cartoon, but he WAS on She-Ra, if I am not mistaken, but he was called Hose Nose.  He shares his origin with Dragstor and Extendar, in that Hordak made him into the monster that he is.

And JAXTON is a cool name.

Upon opening the box, here’s what I saw.

From this view, you can see his axe/ trunk prop, and the jaws of life, which also have an elephantine design.  (The Horsemen said it was supposed to.)

I have heard numerous stories of the trunk being fragile.  SO…I took extra precautions when removing this figure.  When I removed the figure from the blister, his backpack remained stuck.  I had given no thought to his backpack.  It comes off easily….maybe a little too easily.

Here he is standing up, fully equipped.

And a look at that backpack.  It has a faux “button” reminiscent of the vintage one.  As a kid, backpacks were one of my favorite accessories for a figure.  Especially Rio Blasts backpack, and the backpacks that came with GI Joes.

Snout Spout has sturdy ankles and other joints.  I have not noticed any “cracking” underneath the trunk.  For the record, I also have access to King Hiss.  He isn’t cracking either.

So how would I rank Snout Spout?  He’s cool and all, but he’s no Skeletor, or Vikor.  He isn’t you know, as AWESOME as they are.  The figure’s fine.  He’s just not that cool.  So I give him a 3/5.

What’s your rating?  Am I too rough on Jaxton?  Let me know!


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