MOTUC Figure Review…..SPIKOR

Sorry for the break….the SpartanNerd has been back at work….his real job….where being a nerd is not required and likely not welcome….

First I have to say…I hope the MOTUC subscription line lives on.  Today it is at 72% with three days left to go. I personally can’t afford it.  But it has been the best toy-line ever made.  Masters of the Universe Classics has delivered the kind of action figures people have wanted for years, including me.  I don’t see why it couldn’t have survived at retail.  Slap a $10 price tag on them, offer the core characters.  People would buy them.  I would have a complete collection to decorate my office/class/nerdspace!

But I can only afford to cherry pick the bargains or get the characters I really want…..  But I’ll take whatever figures any of the Hub City Geeks would like to donate!

Which brings me to SPIKOR.

I purchased the “Untouchable Master of Evil Combat” at the MonsterCon.  I paid $50 for him plus some loose complete vintage figures.  I probably paid too much, considering it was only a few days before the Big Lots thing happened.  ( I couldn’t have known 😦  )

Why did I want him so badly…I never had him as a kid.  And I think that figures into it.  He looks visceral and barbaric.  When I saw him and when I opened the package, I felt like a little SpartanNerd again…with a new toy I always wanted and was lucky to find in stock on the shelf.

So…I have no box photos.  Sorry!  Impatient!  But he came in the basic castle grayskull package ….Yada..Yada..Yada…  And you know you can find that Bio out there on the internet if you really care.

For this review, I’m trying something different with the pictures…..But anyway.

Spikor is one of those figures apparently painted over a plain black blank.  This doesn’t bother me.  I don’t see any slop.  His joints are quite tight.  I have had no trouble posing him or making him stand.  But his armor does keep him from moving his shoulders up but so far.

That armor is what makes Spikor….Spikor!  And such armor it is.  It causes him to be totally covered in spikes, from the waist up!

Have you ever played around with a gumball from a gumball tree, especially when the gumballs are green?  That’s what the spikes are like.

You might struggle to get the head off….It is covered in spikes too.  It hurt my thumbs the first time!
Now it pops off just fine.

I saw Pixel Dan’s video about Spikor, and he mentioned that getting the armor back on was tough.  So I heeded his warning, and did not remove the armor…..Not at first anyway….

I succumbed to temptation…….WHY!

I saw his regular torso underneath.  He has an ab crunch.  That’s it.  Then…The pegs did not want to go back into the hole….on one side anyway….WHY DIDN”T I LISTEN!!

Now that’s bothering me.

Kind of a dark picture.  Sorry.  I promise the pegs are not in the hole.

Spikor comes with some stuff.  His left hand is a trident.  Mattel included a long trident and a short trident.  This is to create poses with both vintage looks.  The original had an extending action feature.  Sadly, the longer trident had bent spikes in package, and requires some hair dryer work if I ever get around to it.

Bent middle spike:(

That’s what that other hand is for…..

Spikor also included a normal hand.  So now you can display him with no trident.  He doesn’t have to be handicapped!

They say that Trap Jaw/Roboto/Hurricane Hordak parts can fit in the wrist hole.  Cool.  But I don’t own those figure or accessories for them to give it a try.

He also included a spiky club.  Which makes Spikor the president of Club Spikey!  (Other members…Cloud Stryfe…Sonic the Hedgehog….Shau Khan…..Stegosaurus)

How do I rate Spikor….He’s incredibly cool..  He looks very barbaric and intimidating.  What more could I ask for.  But he has a few strikes against him.  The bent trident, and the “armor doesn’t go back on completely” problem.  So I grade him 3/5.  He was marked $40.  For $40, he should be flawless.  I wouldn’t complain if I picked him up at Big Lots for $10.

What’s your rating?

Drop me a comment???

“Yada Yada Yada….”


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