Two Unbeatable PokeMon decks

Long ago, between the addiction with Shadow Era and Magic the Gathering, me and my boys began playing PokeMon cards.

Now I have some background with PokeMon.  In college, my roomates would watch the show.  I would not…But eventually when I got a Gameboy Color, I got the first PokeMon game, and HATED IT.  You would think I would have like it, being a fantasy lover and all that.  Also being a fan of Zelda and Final Fantasy.  But PokeMon the game just didn’t do it for me.

It wasn’t long before I was confiscating PokeMon cards from students, as they were banned.  (Most cards are banned at school.)  I would read what was on the card and scratch my head.  Sometimes an “energy” card would turn up.  Then I really scratched my head!  That made no sense to me at all.  In fact, Trading Card Games didn’t make sense to me.

But after I finally started playing the game with my boys, I saw that it was really easy.  I liked how the game allowed the boys to win, it wasn’t just me dominating all the time.

But now I have two decks that can’t be beaten.  And I must consider making a deck that is weak enough for them to take out so that they won’t lose confidence.

Deck #1….Reshiphlosion  (Reshiram and Typhlosion)  link to bulbapedia

This deck is called a “championship deck.”  The cards do not have the standard back of the regular cards.  Basically, it only has four Reshirams and four Cydiquil/Quilava/Typhlosions.  (Well, technically it only has one Quilava…It counts on Rare Candy to evolve Typhlosion most of the time)  This deck is all about card advantage, being padded with support cards that let you search for the cards you need.  The two Pokemon have synergy….Reshiram has a Blue Flare attack, that hits for 120 damage, but then he loses two fire energy to the discard pile.  Typhlosion allows you to take fire energy out of the discard pile and put it on a Pokemon….See how this is an unbeatable strategy?

Deck #2….Furious Knights/Noble Victories (heavily modified)

I picked up Furious Knights one day when we all decided to splurge on some cards.  The knights are Escalvier in this deck.  And I found it to be weak sauce.  So I looked to the Reshiram and Typholosion deck for inspiration!  I included four copies of Shelmet and Karablast, each of which likes the other.  These evolve into Escalvier and Accelgor, so I included the four copies of each of those.  Everything else pretty much allows me to get what I need out of the deck, with the exception of some healing cards and Snivy/Servine/Serperior, which are there to help heal the PokeMon.  (you see, because this deck is a grass deck, it can be burned very easily.)

The idea is to get the Escalvier attack “Twin Needle”  If you can pull this off, you can knock out almost anyone…your opponents become anxious every-time you flip the coin!

So, anyone want a complete deck list?  Write a comment and I will get that out to you!

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