Magic: The Gathering……Modern Tournaments

Tonight I played at the Tangled Web’s Modern tournament.  I played in one of these last month.  For those who don’t know, there are really two main types of Magic played around here….Standard and Modern.  Standard only uses the last two years worth of cards….whereas Modern uses something like the last ten years worth of cards.

Last month I did awful in the modern tournament with my Bant Tokens deck,,,, but tonight I was ranked right in the middle at 12….(of 23) That is getting closer to Top 8, which is a good thing!
The deck I played was white/black/green….A fairly recent thing for me.  And it was mostly just a standard deck with a couple of older cards mixed in.
The idea is to exploit Vizkopa Guildmage’s bottom ability, which says “Whenever you gain life this turn, your opponent loses that much life..”  I have been able to squeeze a lot of milage out of this strategy against the various deck my boys play, and tonight it did me right, getting me 6 solid wins.  A couple of times when I lost, it was me making a bonehead decision….
The deck also fights hard against discard strategies by using Elixir of Immortality and Treasured Find.  On the other hand, it is sort of slow….opponents that burn you quickly will beat it no problem…and if these cards get milled….
But truthfully, I only saw one burn deck tonight.  My deck shut down most of my opponents..  I was milled and I was burned, and I was just outdone once also, but the point is,  I’m getting better.
I took SpartanSmurf #1 with me also tonight, and there were a lot of other kids there, so he had some competition.  He took home some wins also with his goblin deck.
Tonight we both won Core Set 2014 packs in the dice roll…I got a few new slivers and a Chandra’s Phoenix….He got Seraph of the Sword.  So we fared pretty good.
Anyone want a deck list, leave a comment and let me know!

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