Unboxing……Magic The Gathering Core Set M14 Event Deck

I already expressed my woes about the Magic 2014 Core Set not being as good as the 2013 one.

So why did I buy this Event Deck?  It is mostly made of Ravnica Block cards that I didn’t have!

Here’s my unboxing.

First, I never shared my Playmat with the world before.  I believe it is titled “Protector of the Keep.”  I’ll save my reasons for liking it for another entry, but you should know that this is the background you see on my photos of the cards.

On .with the show.

You’d think there’s be a Chandra in this deck……..

This event deck comes in a box similar to other event decks I’ve opened.  This one comes with the cover showing off Chandra’s new look, and the back gives a description which in my words summarily says “This deck is Gruul.  Bloodrush and Burn to win.”
That cover slides right off….

You get to see the real box.  In my experience these boxes are OK.  You just can’t be too rough with the fastener because it is nothing more than a little bent piece of cardbord.  Unfortunately, you will not be able to fit your deck and the sideboard in the box without it bucking a little if you are using card sleeves.
The deck comes with a spindown counter.  Mine is blue.  I wonder about everyones?  It seems like green and red would have been more appropriate?
There is of course some promotional garbage in the box.   This is making its way right to the trash before it distracts a SpartanSmurf.  But first, a picture of the decklist.

If this picture isn’t good enough, there is a little thing called a Web Search!

There is also a little divider.  If you are not using sleves, then this can help you divide your sideboard from your main deck.
A good iPhone background pic….
The cards come in two saran-wrapped decks.  The larger one is the deck.  The smaller one is the sideboard.
Cigarette style wrappers…I guess to fuel our addiction!
I am not going to discuss every card, or provide a photo.  But I am of many. I am offering a little analysis and opinion.  That’s all.
The first card of note is Kalonian Tusker, and M14 card.  I like this guy because he is a 3/3 and only costs two green.  This deck came with four.
Dryad Militant is a 2/1 for one green (or white).  This creature is to function as a way of stopping people from the Flashback mechanic that is going to be ILLEGAL ANYWAY, at least in standard next month.  It might serve some purpose for the Theros block that we have yet to see.  It is a pretty card though.

I only had one Wild Beastmaster.  So now I have two.  Whenever she attacks eith other creatures, they get a boost equal to her poser.  The trick here is to bloodrush her when you attack….so then the bloodrush effect is amplified onto the other creatures….  Why did they only include one copy in this deck?

Ogre Backbreaker is for endgame, at five cost.  I see this guy as more of a finishing move.

Deadbridge Goliath is cool, because it is an insect!  Scavenge is kind of the opposite of bloodrush, but I see why its here in this deck.  Again, this is more of a finishing move.

I don’t usually picture a beetle when I picture a Goliath….

Gore Clan Rampager is one of the most commonly encountered cards at tournaments.  I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen it played as a creature.  You hold the card and bloodrush onto an attacker, giving them trample as well.  There a four copies of this in the deck.

I had been wanting another Rubbleback Raiders card.  SpartanSmurf #2 has one, but will not trade it to me (probably wisely so).  Each time he attacks, he gets +1/+1 counters for each attacking creature.  I wanted this card before to put in my tokens deck….Just imagine the strength it could have.  In this deck it is designed more to function like the Tusker, just as a (potentially) big one.
You can really Wreck stuff with this card!
Wrecking Ogre recently beat me down!  It has double strike, so your getting a 6/6 for 5 mana.  But for that 5 mana, why not bloodrush it onto something else and make that thing stronger and give it double strike.  I only wish this deck came with more copies.  True, this is a finishing move, but still.

All the land that came with the deck was basic or a Gruul Guildgate, with the exception of Stomping Ground and Rogues Passage,  I wanted another copy of each land anyway….
And this brings me to the first modification I will make to the deck…I am going to swap out some of the forests for another Stomping Ground and a Rootbound Crag.  The Rogues Passage is going into a different deck.
What else am I going to change…
I put my other Wild Beastmaster in…and removed an Elvish Mystic.
I replaced every Shock with a Mizzium Mortar.  The Mizz is one more mana more costly, but it is well worth the extra cost for the versatility and the greater damage.  On the other hand, it is also a Sorcery rather than an Instant, so you get a different rhythm when playing it.
I replaced the Deadbridge Goliath with another Ogre Backbreaker…..At the end of the day this is a better card.
I put a Chandra’s Phoenix in place of Elvish Mystic.  And also an Advocate of the Beast and Marauding Maulhorn in place of Elvish Mystics.  It’t not that I don’t like the Mystics, it’s just that this isn’t really a ramp deck…
What about that sideboard?
It came with Savage Summoning, a good card to surprise your opponents after they tap out on their turn.  I can’t wait to play this card, but I haven’t had the chance yet.

I can’t wait to play this card!

Skullcrack is a good control card.

AND it’s technically better than shock

I couldn’t imagine a green and red deck coming without Naturalize in the sideboard.  Just in case that opponent is trying something like Ratchet Bomb or even using an enchantment against you.

Act of Treason…..Man am I glad they went back to the original art!  That art from the Ravnica block was creepy!

Annihilating Fire is another answer to Flashback card.  But also a good answer to something that blinks like Obzedat or Aetherling.  If you play it right.

This card is just…..meh

There are three Gruul Charms…I am not a fan.

Where’s the litterbox?

And then there is enlarge.  This is one of the biggest growth effects ever.  But it is mighty costly.
So I took out the Enlarges, and added Thragtusk and Farseek.  And I swapped out the Gruul Charms for Rancors.

I lost to SpartanSmurf #1 last night just playing the deck vanilla….I’ll post results later after I play my modified version!

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