Technology Review…IOS7

I don’t like it as good as I liked the old versions…IOS 6.whatever.

The flat icons don’t do it for me.  Isn’t 2D a step backwards?

The redesigned Calendar, Clock, Newstand, Game Center, Messages, Music don’t do it for me.  The camera’s “Square” feature is un-needed.  And the Camera doesn’t look as good all around.

So there you have it.

I like the new animations.  The “fly-in” looks great.  I like that tilting the phone creates a movement effect with the icons.  (Have you noticed that yet?)  I like iTunes Radio, but am not sure that should be included…That is everywhere, not just on IOS7.  I like the softer sound scheme a little better.  Siri sound better.  I am keeping HER female…Safari is better…more visual than before.

IOS7 looks better on my iPad Mini than on my iPhone 4S.

These are my thoughts.  What are yours?

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