Groovy Dork list

Groovy–  theros has been a blast to draft!  I have pretty much stuck to read and whie, and have had fun and won some. 

Dork–  how come MOTUC figures cost so much, when better figures are cheaper in the Marvel Select line?  One reason Mattel seems to give is the price of plastic.   Well the Marvel figures have to use two or three times as much plastic!
Groovy–  IOS7 keeps surprising me.   I turned off my blootooth and on my flashlight from the “control Center” today. 
Dork–  The Walking Dead figures…don’t look like to TV show.   They must be based on the comics?   I havn’t read any of those. 
Groovy– Vlllains Month!
Dork– Villains Month…   (More on these later)
Groovy–  James Eatock’s list of greatest moments from Filmation He-Man cartoon
Dork–  The Filmation show is NOT streaming from NETFLIX anymore.  
Groovy–  there is now a SpartanCat!
Dork–  they actually made this?   Water Grow Ninja Turtles. 

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