Theros Review

First of all, I must apologize for a little break in the blog action.  I have been a busy SpartanNerd…But I’m ultra-excited..The Tangled Web has a big sale coming up!

Theros has some cool new things!  The “god cards” are cool…They are jacked examples of enchantment-creatures…Like these…

I have Purphoros and Erebos, and am trying to get SpartanNerd #1 to trade me a Heliod. I like how the Wizards have riffed on the greek gods…Hades, Helios, and Hephaestus.  There is also a Thassa and a Nylea, which we don’t have.

Each god card has a weapon, and emissary, and an ordeal card related to them.  So there are quite a few things to collect!  I would argue that the weapons are better than the gods themselves!  When I played Booster draft, Purphoros Emissary won a few matches for me.  It has a Bestow trick, where it can be either a crature or enchantment.  It is the kind of thing that you hang onto for awhile if you can and then use it to move in for the kill.

Then there are the “hero cards,”  My favorite is Fabled Hero….(Goes great with Fencing Ace…plus, check out that flavor text.  “You.  Poet.  Write this down.”  Brilliant!)  Hero cards use the “heroic” mechanic, which means that you target something and it causes a trigger.  So Heroic works good with  Bestow.

Let’s not forget the monsters!  Hundred Handed One is a good example…This card was obviously designed for those token generator decks.

So that is my review of the set.  Maybe this is why M14 was so boring…All the wizards good ideas were saved for Theros!


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