The Walking Dead…Show Review

The Zombie Apocalypse has taken over!   Hordes of dead bodies are resurected as mindless eating machines, and if a person is bitten by one, they become zombie too.  They could be your family or friends…the only way to stop one is to smash its brain.

Sounds horrific.  But this is a way of life for the characters of The Walking Dead. Rick and Shane lead a band of survivors, that slowly get picked off.  As food becomes more scarce, the zombies (walkers) begin to form herds.  Eventually the “zombie virus”, whatever it is, evidently mutates and makes it so that any human who dies with an intact brain is transformed.  Also as events unfold, surviving humans seem to become more vicious towards other groups…
About this show…sure there are literal “walking dead.”   But I don’t think the writers have only walkers in mind.  They have the survivors in mind.  How much punishment can be dished out to an individual?   How much stress can a group take?   Lets not forget, there are some strong but dispicable characters in this show…wife beaters… racists… convicts…dictators…politicians.   Some of these guys, I think I would prefer the company of a mindless walker!
I’ve been watching season three, with the Governor…he’s evil!  Can’t wait to see Season 4!

This brings an old Audio Adrenaline song to mind…”Some Kind of Zombie.”   Check it out!

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