Groovy Dork List….Cyber Monday edition

Groovy…I picked up a Griffin, Battleground Teela, and Sky High with Jet Sled.  Reviews will be posted when I get them!

Dork…I missed my chance with Mosquitor.  I finally decided I didn’t really want Keldor just for his cape (not for $21), and decided against the Snake Warriors too.

Groovy…I was rewarded a gift certificate from Wulven Entertainment for my investment in their property when I purchased physical Shadow Era: The Call of the Crystals cards from them two summers ago.  (One of the best investments ever in nerd property!)

Dork…For some stupid reason I can’t seem to get the gift credit to redeem.  I am supposed to purchase  a booster box of the next Shadow Era set, “Dark Prophecies.”  But when I get to the billing screen the credit isn’t showing.  😦  (I would desperately like to review some of these physical cards…)

Groovy…My Macbook Pro has been doing fine….Then I started hearing clicking and whirring….Thinking it a dying hard drive, I replaced it and upgraded it.  Now it has a 1TB hybrid drive.  That is more storage space than all of my other computing devices combined!

Dork…The whirring and clicking continues…and my battery is draining faster.  I know now that it wasn’t the hard drive failing at all, but the fan.  (The battery probably is affected by the new Hard Drive as well.)  I have disassembled my machine and tried air spraying it out.  But that hasn’t worked.  I think the axle needs some grease…But I don’t have the required TORX screwdrivers to take the fan apart.

Groovy…I have been playing Batman:Arkham Asylum.  This is my second play through.  When I played it before, it was on Steam, and on the Windows partition of my (old) hard drive.  I went ahead and purchased the Mac version…It is every bit as good without the hassle of Steam and Windoze.

Dork…I am ditching a few comic subscriptions.  Aquaman has bored me to death.  And I am shucking Action Comics as well.  I love Superman.  But the comics lose me.  The writers insist that you buy into the whole eco-system in order to understand what is going on.  I subscribed to Action Comics, thinking that I wouldn’t have all of that “continuity misunderstanding” trouble.  I would have every issue.  Makes sense.  But Superman is continually being crossed over…And this complicates the story, as well as frustrates me because I feel a need to have a complete story, and so I have to go hunt the issues of other titles I am not subscribed to.  I have a longing to read “H’el On Earth,” which is mostly a Supergirl story…because of the Action Comics Annual #2.  Also, because I haven’t been reading Superman (the title) I have missed a lot of stuff about Brainiac, which was important to the last Action Comics story arc “Psi War.”  I am done.  Sorry Supes.  Maybe if they go back to writing you like they did back at the beginning of the New 52, I will return.

So what will I subscribe to in their places?  I am thinking maybe something Marvel..Maybe they will cure the whole Superior Spider-man complex.  Either that, or maybe I will just invest in the Ninja Turtle eco-system again.  I stopped buying those books only because my brain couldn’t take any more fantasy.  But lately I am missing something a little different.  The biggest problem here is you pretty much have to buy them in the store.  The Tangled Web keeps them in stock in general, but just the same, I feel I have to get them once I get started.  Then again, maybe I’ll just subscribe to the Justice League again.  I suppose I have a little time to consider it.  One thing is certain, I have been very satisfied with reading Batman stories!

Here is a free advert!  Just for my friends!

Free publicity, YO!

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