New installment…."10 PRINT TOP TEN LIST"

Why would I call m top ten list something so strange?

If you were a real nerd, then you would know that in BASIC computer programming and its relatives, you often number the lines of code…usually starting with a number ten, and then skipping by 10s to 20, 30, etc.  And about the simplest thing you can do is make the computer say something, really just about anything. In BASIC the code would be

10 PRINT “The SpartanNerd is Awesome.”

20 PRINT “Oh Hub City Geeks, if only you were as nerdy as that chosen one.”

30 PRINT “Even if he is a cheapskate.”

The output would be (Probably in green on a black screen…incapable of other colors)

The SpartanNerd is Awsome.
Oh Hub City Geeks, if only you were as nerdy as that chosen one.
Even if he is a cheapskate.

The number lines are perfect for my idea of a top ten list…you skip all those numbers so that there is room to improve or add to the code.  And I rarely feel like a Top Ten list is perfect.  So I am leaving some wiggle room, in a nerdy kinda way.

Hope you get it!

Next post, my first 10 PRINT TOP TEN LIST !

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