10 Print "Best things in DC New 52, 2013" (SpartanNerd’s top 10 list)

10 PRINT “Villains Month”  I haven’t read one of these that I haven’t enjoyed  (I can be disappointed and annoyed sometimes, but still enjoy comics)   And the cool 3D covers were also very nice, though it wasn’t “revolutionary” as originally billed.  I haven’t read all of the ones I bought yet!  Darkseid’s origin was cool, and different.  Killer Croc looks like he has a bright future…Bizarro was cool.  The Joker’s was odd…  And Doomsday was sort of disappointing.  But overall, these were pretty good.

20 PRINT “Batman:  Riddler #1” Among the best of Villains Month.  The Riddler is my favorite Bat-villain, next to the Joker.  And we haven’t seen much of him in the New 52.  But he is showing up in the whole “Zero Year” story, and this villains month title served as a good companion to that.  Also, I like the premise.  He takes out the whole prison, to climb to the top and play Solitaire!

30 PRINT “Masters of the Universe Annual:  The Origin of HORDAK…” Read SpartanNerd Sundays for some thoughts on this one.

40 PRINT “Justice League #12”  Lois Lane who?  Seriously.  It should be nice if they keep these two together for a long time.  Make people think of them as an item, as inseparable as Lois and Clark.  Then do something to rip them apart.  Maybe in five years or so, Supes can sell his marriage…(let’s not go there……)

50 Print “Batman and Robin Catwoman #22″  This was a positive story, ending with the two of them rescuing a little girl and swinging off with her to safety.  To me, an emotional ending for some reason!  Later (in other places), there is news that Catwoman may be the next Robin, called “Catbird,” however this might be some sort of alternate universe story or something.  (The next big things are called Gothtopia and Batman:Eternal)

60 PRINT “Justice League of America #2” VIBE:  “Hawkman, you’re covered in blood!” HAWKMAN: “It’s not MY blood!”  Best joke of the year!

70 PRINT “Zero Year”  Everyone got a re-start for the New 52, except for the Bat Family.  They just got a soft reboot.  Batman’s origin, at least the part about Thomas and Martha being murdered in front of him, has been told several times, almost ad nauseum.  BUT exactly how that translated into a guy dressed as a bat beating the tar out of criminals HAS NOT been explored in comics, as far as I know, ever.  So we are getting a big “Batman Begins” type of story.  We also got to see the Red Hood dropped in acid at the Ace Chemical plant…  The teaser line “And wait until you see who the Red Hood Really is, hasn’t really been resolved yet.  So I suppose we’ll see that in the coming year!  Throughout these books, we get to see little hints at Bat-stuff we are already familiar with.  The Studebaker, the “R” insignia on Bruce’s hat, the grappling gun, the batarang.  On and on.

Batman #24 was an 80-page value!

80 PRINT “Detective Comics #19”  This cheapskate was quite happy with this value!  The oversized eighty pager was not even figured into the price of the subscription, apparently!  The subscription also paid off in the fact that the Back-up stories, starting around the time of this book, all focused on Man-Bat, and so it was like we got a whole other story arc!

Another 80 pager!

90 PRINT  “Suicide Squad #14 and 15”  The dynamic between the Joker and Harley Quinn is just awesome!  Harley was a character that I largely didn’t care much for from past experiences of watching the Batman animated series from the 1990’s.  What they are doing with Harley Quinn now is over-the-top.  I don’t plan on reading any of her new series, I haven’t cared for the art on the adverts, but she moved up the ladder on my unwritten list of characters, I tell you that!  I read these over and over!

100 Print “Death of the Family”  What really got me hooked on these stories?  Right after the FlashPoint.  Detective Comics #1.  We see the plot resolved here.  DC made us wait a year, and then WHAM!  This awesome story didn’t disappoint!  I have almost every book from the series, and have read them all twice, as well as let SpartanSmurf #1 read them.  He hasn’t finished yet…But it is good to let him in on that grown-up type story action.  Also, I came to like Batgirl a lot more, as well as Harley Quinn.  And we get one of our final issues with Damian as Robin, and it was one of the creepiest stories of the bunch!

Could I do an honorable mention?  Trinity War\Forever Evil has been gripping!  Can’t wait to see what happens there!


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