SpartanNerd Birthday rundown

Darkest day of the year.    Literally!   The Winter Solstice.  How did I spend it?


The SpartanWife made this EXCELLENT cake.  Chocolate covered cherry.  For the record, I’ve had more birthday cakes as an adult than as a child.  When your birthday is so close to Christmas, that’s the way it pans out.  But the SpartanWife made up for that tragedy once again, making one of the greatest cakes ever!
Next, I had a hankering for some Super Mario Bros.  Feeling nostalgic perhaps?
Notice that score!  I would die on the B World, 8-2

I saved the princess for the zillionth time. It has been maybe 9 months since I played this game.  AND I decided to play sans warp zones.  I barely scraped by, but did so within one game!   I made the joke, “never before has the life insurance mushroom on 8-2 been so important!”   It’s true!   I completed the game with only one life left!   There are many secrets I seem to have forgotten.  So I am old as well as rusty!
Last night after the Commander tournament at the Tangled Web, (click here for details about the deck I SADLY played), I bought a comic book storage box.  I considered cleaning up the nerd closet some.  Plus I expect some new MOTUC items in the mail to display (The Sky High and Jet Sled have not arrived…These are my birthday presents 😦  )
But decided instead to read this book…
That first chapter is HARD to read.  Comics should get to you like that.
So around the time for the afternoon, have a CHEESE STICK for lunch, (we were planning on shopping and eating out for dinner at the Colonial Fish Camp in Gaffney, SC), we snuck past the gate to get a look at this lovely site!  (SpartanSmurf #2 was afraid to get busted!)
We had a great meal, and I hit the BIG LOTS in Gaffney, thinking there might be some nerd bargains…(nope)
So we came home and watched this lovely movie together….after teaching the children a little bit about how to program a simple BASIC program on the computer.
SpartanSmurf #2 came up with the idea, and if any of us will grow up to be a real computer programmer, it’s him!
10 print “Welcome to my Soda Shop!”
20 print “What kind of soda would you like?”
21 print “1. Coke   2. Diet Dew    3. Root Beer”
22 print “(Type your choice, and press return.)”
30 input x
31 if x = 1 then print “That will be $3.00!” else goto 32
32 if x = 2 then print “That will be $2.00” else goto 33
33 if x = 3 then print “That item isn’t available.  Make another choice please”
40 end
A good version of Scrooge.  I still say I like the Disney one better.
My day was quite pleasant, and maybe my year will be as well.  Thanks for reading, Hub City Geeks!


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