SpartanNerd Review…BCW Snap-It Comic Book Display System

A first-world problem.  I have so many comic books!  I have begun putting them into those boxes…the kind they use at the comic book stores!
But I have a few on display as well.  Some of my favorites!  One of the problems I have been having is that the shelf space that I use has a little “daylight” space behind it.  It is just a small crack, but it is big enough that my bagged and boarded comics that were on display kept falling down and behind the shelf.
I decided to invest in a more substantial display.  The BCW Snap-It display.  Here is my review!
I bought a 12 pack.  This is all they had at the store.  I didn’t see any larger packs, or smaller.
They did have six comics on display in one of these setups, hanging on the front counter.  This package is un-sexy.  In fact, the stack of 12 stands are bent in the package.  And it appears that is was done this way on purpose.

Here is what you see when you open the packaging.  The displays are bent, seemingly permanently.  This was worrisome.  The other thing is a package of button snaps which make it work.

Here are the snaps.  One is male.  The other female.

here is my first assembly.  The edges of the displays have pre-punched holes, and you snap a male and female button through the hole of two of them.  the problem is, the pre-punched holes are often not punched through enough.  Some of them come right off.  The others, did not.  And so I resorted to the big guns!

Smith and Wesson Urban Camo Serrated Titanium Blade!

It took me about an hour to get five displays together.  Before putting them on display,
I decided to read this gem.  After that hard work, I deserved a break.  It was great!  (Scare glow was prominent in this issue.  Oddly, no shadow beasts!)
A panorama of my Masters of the Universe shelf.  You can see that the five comics are displayed nicely.  Also some limitations of the display are evident.

So, it was worth the $15.  There are some problems.  The hole punch thing is the biggest problem.  Next time, when I put together the other 7 pieces, I am going to use a hole puncher.  This shouldn’t be necessary.  So I have to take a point off for that.  (I was afraid I would mutilate the display.)

Another limitation.  The way the panels of the display are built, it produces a pronounced line between comics.  And this is fine.  But if you notice my shelf has two on the end not in the display. These two are meant to make a scene when displayed together.  (These are DC Universe VS. Masters of the Universe #1, both covers)

Also notice, the second comic in the display is sealed…never opened.  This is the special cover of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #1.  But the sealed packaging hangs out of the top of the display.  In fact, the comic can’t go all the way down into the display panel.  Because I know I have at least one more sealed #1 to put on display, I am going to have to take another point off.

On the upside,  I can display my comics in a pleasant way for the most part, and they are evenly spaced, and they won’t fall down into the daylight space behind the shelf.  Notice that comic on the end of the display.  That is an EARL NOREM!  (Earl Norem is my favorite He-Man artist.  EVER!)  I also have a Conan the Barbarian Earl Norem.  I wish they were signed!

So what is my rating?  3\5.  Do you agree?  Let me know!

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