10 Print List …… You might be the SpartanNerd if….

10 Print “You tell your kids to clean their rooms, and proclaim “THIS I COMMAND!”

20 Print “You do the Mario on the way to the kitchen.”

30 Print “You make a transforming sound when you change into your robe for the evening.”

40 Print “You warm up your children’s choir with “Co- Bra- LALALALALALA”

50 Print “You lift something heavy, and proclaim “I Have the Power!!!”

60 Print “You weigh yourself, and seeing that you have gained, pronounce “Up, Up, and Away!”

70 Print “You compare your professional relationship with bosses to that of all of the Sith’s apprentices.  (Darth Maul, Count Dooku, Darth Vader)”

80 Print “You sing to your child, who says they have to go to the restroom “Nothing can stop the smooze

90 Print “You say “Mine resolves first” to your child who suggests eating at McDonalds and you say you would rather eat Mexican.

100 Print “You are still crying about the time the Quintessons commandeered Optimus Prime’s body, as a ruse to defeat the Autobots.  Optimus’ will was too, strong, however, even in death…He saves everyone and flys his ship into an exploding sun (I can hardly type anymore…waaaa)


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