SpartanNerd has moved to the new SPARTANNERD.COM

This is big news, oh Hub City Geeks!  The Blogger (Blogspot) page was sort of stunted…It gave me statistics about traffic (I had over 5000 hits there!), but several other things weren’t working correctly, including adsense.  And Google pretty much demands you sign over your identity to them, (which I am not willing to do.  Neither should you.  “Don’t Be Evil.”  What a joke.)

I will now try using WordPress.  Which I think I already like better.

Keep the page views coming!  I will keep the old blog up for awhile, let’s see how this takes off.  Thanks for all of the support, readers!

New content coming soon…

Review of the Born of the Gods Event Deck.

Review of new MOTUC!

More Transformers.  (I am only going to review the good stuff!)

A review of some recent Marvel movies…Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World


Don’t let me lose you….Keep coming to and see what it is all about!


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