SpartanNerd Unboxing and Review…Masters of the Universe Classics Buzz-Off

I had Buzz-Off as a kid.  But he never really has been one of my favorites until the 200x cartoon series ROCKED HIM OUT!  The vintage version had some problems…his wings were always getting messed up it seemed.  His weapon was lame and his hands couldn’t hold anything else.  His helmet didn’t fit right.  etc.


So lets see how the MOTUC version improves on him.


Buzz-Off in packageRight away you definitely see what you are getting. The vintage Buzz-Off, updated. His package is the same old thing we’ve seen on all the other figures.  There is no alternate head here. But you see an awesome huge axe behind him! And there’s that helmet… Notice the price…I actually paid $30 at the Barnyard Fleamarket in Greer.

Buzz-Off Package...the back.

The back gives us this vintage style back reminiscent of the 1980’s. Except there was no Chief Carnivus back then… The bio. mm mmm mmmm.

Well.  It’s all good.  Except for his REAL NAME.  tZZZZt ZZZ ZZtttZZ.   Did I spell that right?

Being a music teacher, I can appreciate the musicality of it.  “Shave and a Haircut.”

It doesn’t matter.  I’m not a MOC collector.  So lets rip that stupid box off and throw it away!

When I removed Buzz-Off from the box, the first thing I notices was the rubbery feel of his forearms.  Most of Buzz-Off is molded in the same stuff everyone else is molded in.  But his fore-arms are more rubbery.  You can also tell that the paint has taken differently to them than the rest of the figure, giving a more muted look.

I mean, it isn’t bad.  But it is noticeable right away.

I armed him up for combat for my first picture!  His wings are very impressive.  A real improvement on the vintage figures wings.  I put that helmet on him…It fits very snuggly!  I think though I won’t usually display him with it on because I don’t have fond memories of him having that look.  That axe is really cool.  Fitting for a warrior guy like Buzz-Off, and more reminiscent of the awesome 200x update.  He has some extra insect legs on the back.  Here is a picture of his back.

The wings just plug right into those sockets!  I wonder…….

Yep.  Adding Draego Man’s wings makes a DEMON BEE!  Worth noting.  When he has these wings on, he has a hard time standing.  And I think I remember people talking about Lord Dactys having these wings and maybe the same feet.  And he can’t stand.  But that’s heresay, because I don’t have Dactys.

Pictured here is also the vintage style axe.

Lets talk about Buzz-Off’s hands some more.  I already mentioned the rubbery forearms thing.  His hands are made of it too.  You would think there was a hinge there on his claws or something.  But nope.  The hands/claws are in a fixed pose.  You can swivel his wrists.  But that’s it.

Now he doesn’t have any problem holding either of his axes.  But it was still worth noting.  he might not hold one of the girls swords good, for instance.  (He-Man and the others can’t hold them either.  But I’d bet Buzz-Off has an even harder time.)

They SHOULD have gave him fingers.  Like the 200x version.  But I think I know where they were going.  Each claw is basically the same as Clawful’s other hand.  (Not his lobster pinching hand.)  So that’s parts re-use.

One more gripe.  The paint on the big axe handle is flaking off already, right where the right hand grips the handle.  And did I mention that the big axe handle is also BENT ALREADY?  BOO!!!!!!

How does he look next to another flyer.  I mean…wingspan wise?

These two could totally wage an air war!


Now for some action photos!  Remember that whole “Ambrosia” angle.  The Andreenids ate the ambrosia to gain extra strength and power.  Here’s my take with a piece of Jade.  (Also gotten from the Flea Market.)


"I'm feeling a little weak.  Time for a pick-me-up!  Amrosia.  Just the thing!"

“I’m feeling a little weak. Time for a pick-me-up! Ambrosia. Just the thing!”

“Now I’m ready to take on the world!”


"Zoar!  Hello.  What brings you here?  Oh!  I need to go help Orko and Moss Man!"

“Zoar! Hello. What brings you here? Oh! I need to go help Orko and Moss Man!”


Now for a comparison…

I’m not sure if this is my actual original toy.  It seems a little too unplayed.  I think it might be one of the re-issues from the early 2000s that my baby brother picked up.  I specifically remember losing on of my wings, but here they both are.

Just the same, you can see how Buzz-Off is beautifully translated and updated into a more modern style!

My rating for Buzz-Off?  I give him a 3/5.  I really like how he is an updated if not re-imagined vintage Buzz-Off.  But I don’t like the paint flake-age or the rubbery forearms and hands.  And they are distracting enough where you can’t help but see them.  I am theorizing that maybe the big axe is molded in the same tool or with the same materials as the fore-arms.  But when they ask as much for one of these MOTUC figures as they ask, they shouldn’t mess it up.  EVER.  On the other hand, the sculpting is MAGNIFICENT.  It seems he has Whiplash’s body.  Clawful’s other hand.  Webstor’s insect arms.  There is a lot of re-use here.  But it doesn’t feel re-used.  It feels, like I said.  Magnificent.  The circuitry in the wings is really cool.  And the weapons are sculpted great also.

(I don’t think I’ve ever found a Four Horsemen sculpt I didn’t like!)

What would you rate him?  Subscribe to the SpartanNerd and keep up with all the Nerdtainment reviews.  Leave a comment!  I am eager to give something away!



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