Groovy Dork List

Groovy…..The Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures game!  FUN!

Dork…..My “Nerd Closet” needs cleaning.


Groovy…..Thor 2: The Dark World at the $1.50 theater!

Dork…..”Catching Fire” is there also.  I should see both.  (But I will see Thor)


Groovy…..The “Journey Into Nyx” MTG Expansion is on the horizon.  The previews look pretty good, so far.

Dork……I am not buying a booster box this time because the BNG box was so weak.


Groovy……Ever ordered cards from TCGPlayer?  What a great way to order the cards you need.  Which is how I might do Journey     Into Nyx

Dork….No Friday Night Magic this week for me…I have “work obligations.”


Groovy….Batman: Eternal #1.  Wow!

Dork…..My Detective Comics #30 HASN”T ARRIVED.  That’s been on the shelf at the comic book store for TWO WEEKS.


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