SpartanNerd…Journey Into Nyx Excitement!

I am officially signed up to play in The Tangled Web’s midnight pre-release tournament for Journey Into Nyx!

I ordered black as my sealed deck.

So I know I have a Doomwake Giant coming…Not bad for a two for one big creature.  And I am excited about getting that Heroes Path card to play on GameDay.

I intend to make a Black and White deck with my sealed cards.  At least that’s what I hope.  Who knows!  That’s the beauty of playing a card game!

This time Black seems to have a lot of hate for everything else besides control.  It’s odd.  Black has been a “creature” strategy in Theros, dropping that Grey Merchant and draining your opponent with devotion to black through permanents.  The Whip of Erebos has also been a star.  And all of this supported with the Pack Rat from Ravnica, and the Mutavault.

But Journey Into Nyx is going to diversify things a bit.  I still think Mono Black is going to be boss.  But now White has a lot of awesome stuff…Stuff that can work with the Black stuff.  (And White, with its hope in the Heroic Mechanic, has been weak, but will now really shine along with the Strive Mechanic, I think.)

Of course Green and Blue are also getting a boost.  It seems red is the weakest this time…In my opinion.

Of the Gods, I hope to get Athreos or Pharika.  Really, Athreos.  Long live Drain!

As far as how I am going to build my card base this time…I am going to do it smarter.  Rather than buying a box, I am just going to get the cards I care about.  Rather than going the route of booster packs all the time, I am going to cherry pick.  I think I am going to be happier this way all around.  The Nerd Closet is getting to be harder to maintain, and more Magic Cards than necessary isn’t welcome.  (I stopped buying Fat Packs.  Why?  Not because I don’t like the value.  But because you get all this unnecessary land!  I generally acquire the box without the extra stuff.)



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