SpartanNerd Endorsement….Custom MTG Cards!

I get to promote something big and new!  YES!

I attended the Theros Block Booster Draft at the Tangled Web Friday night, and was treated to something truly special.

Follow this link to see the brilliant art that this artist does to Magic cards!  I saw her Panoramic Islands in person, and the Astral Cornucopia was for sale.  (I didn’t pick it up…too much already invested that night.)  Of the work shown on the link, my favorite is “Debt to the Deathless,” which is a pretty good card as it is.

If you like this work, you should look into buying some of it.  It’s reasonably priced, especially for the quality of work and the fact that it is hand painted.  If nothing else go on over to her blog and leave a comment.  Mention that the SpartanNerd sent you when you do.

Peace out, Hub City Homies!

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