Poltergeist!  I need to see that again sometime!


Seriously.  I’m back.  I have had a busy work season of late.  (I teach music.  My hard work comes in waves.)

But now that it’s summer, I have more time for nerdery!

One thing I noticed.  My “Nerd Closet” was getting really messy.  While I have been on hiatus, I still have acquired stuff, and haven’t taken the time to organize it and keep it neat.  So I spent three hours last night organizing Magic cards!   AAACK!

(And my comics are in a pile…starting with what I got on Free Comic Book Day up until this week.)

So I will need to spend some time in there cleaning.  I’ll post a pic when I get it nice.


While I have been out so much has happened!

The Modern Event Deck was revealed, and I decided to pass on that.  It is worth $75.  But…why?  If you have been playing MTG for any length of time…I mean I have been playing for three years…then you have a playlet of Lingering Souls.  Path to Exile is a pretty common card too…

You would think a “White Weenie” statregy deck would have more “strategy!”  No “Odric, Master Tactician.”  No “Brimaz, king of Oreskos”  Not even a “Geist of St. Traft.”  You get the “Sword of Feast and Famine,” and “Elspeth Tirel.”  These easy add up to $40.  But you could theoretically get them cheaper….so….

I gave it a good thought though.  I like unboxing things for this blog.  If people would like to see me review the Modern Event Deck, then comment and let me know!  I’ll shell out the dough and post a review.  I thought I probably could make a better deck, though, with what I already have!

Other stuff…I saw the new “Muppet” movie, “Muppets Most Wanted.”  It is great!  I didn’t know who “Walter” was though.  (The movie explains that he was the main idea of the last movie.)

“Forever Evil” FINALLY came to an end…and hit the skids…dumb ending.  “MAZAHS!”

(How many people know Batman is Bruce Wayne?  Let’s count.)

Two Face  (committed suicide?)

Joker  (Too crazy to admit it)

Hugo Strange

Raz Al-Ghul

Lex Luthor

And several other people…

(Just don’t tell Catwoman, (A Justice leaguer and fling), or Jim Gordan!)

We all knew Grayson wasn’t going to get killed off.  Now the question is…WHO IS ROBIN?

Speaking of…

in Futures End, the new weekly series that I am apparently now hooked on, we are seeing “Batman Beyond,” and there are a few pages that kind of hint at us about the status of some of the heroes.  We see Superman with a mask on…What’s that?  There is a Robin.  Father Time is a Japanese school girl?

Also, they have been writing Tim Drake wrong…AGAIN…

I was told that DC is trying to rectify their continuity…and that Batman Eternal and Future’s End are actually related as far as the story goes, even though Future’s End is a “Five Years From Now” story…This equals a lot of investment…$6-$7 per week.  But I don’t watch TV much, so…

I feel I’m rambling.  Readers, I will be back, and blogging nerdy…I promise!

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