SpartanNerd Movie Review…Captain America: The Winter Soldier


I made it to the cheap matinee again!  How was Captain America 2?


The first Captain America movie did a great job of capturing the comic book character.  The Avengers movie also did.  But this movie fell flat.  It was too long.  I felt no attachment to any of the characters at all, except for Nick Fury (Samuel Jackson.)  And here I think it may be because of all of the other marvel movies I have seen that feature him.


And so much is going on in this movie, you almost forget the main point.  There is a person called “The Winter Soldier.”  He doesn’t really appear until too far into the movie.  And then you quickly stop caring what happens to the guy.  He is an unconnected, cold tool.  And when they finally reveal his identity, you don’t even care.


This movie has something else that most Marvel movies don’t have, but some Star Wars films suffer from…Political Fatigue.  There are scenes where people are just bantering for too long of periods of time.  At about the hour and fifteen minute mark, I was thinking..”Is this movie ever going to be over?”


Do I feel like the film advanced the Marvel Universe any?  Maybe a little.  I thought this might just be Samuel Jackson’s exit from the franchise.  It’s no secret that he is an expensive actor for the franchise.  But he makes such a good Nick Fury.  The way  the movie pans out, he might be back on a solo movie.


So my rating for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, is 2/5.  A rating of 1 would be what I would give Transformers: Dark of the Moon.  A rating of 5 would be James Cameron’s Avatar.  This movie bored and fatigued me to death.

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