SpartanNerd Thoughts on SDCC Reveals…Part 2!

I wish I could have gone to the San Diego Comic Con.  Maybe one day I’ll make it?


In a previous post, I mentioned that I was seriously psyched about the MOTUC Battle Ram.* Other things revealed have piqued my interest as well.  Here is a list!


  • The next Avengers movie will be “Age of Ultron!”  I haven’t read the comics of this.  But I know of Ultron from “The Secret Wars.”  Guardians of the Galaxy 2 was announced, and may be featuring Thanos.  I have almost zero knowledge of the Guardians.  I know of NOVA from 1990’s Spider-Man comics.  That’s about it.  I hope to see Guardians soon.  For me I expect it to be similar to watching Green Lantern, another property that I have little knowledge of.
  • Superman vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice (Is that the correct title?)  Any news on this has my attention!
  • “Multiversity.”  By DC.  I’m not sure I’m going to be into this title.  I don’t read Earth-2.  I thought the Earth 17 Action comics was laughable.  At the same time, the multiverse IS important to the main storyline.  One thing announced is a guide to the NEW 52 multiverse.  I will definitely get that.  I’m pretty curious about all those other “Earths” that haven’t really been addressed, at least in a way that I have accessed.
  • Snake Armor He-Man vs. Battle Armor King HSSSS.  I feel that the Snake Men get too much attention in Masters.  To me, they were always inferior to the main bad guys.  I have the “old style” King Hss with his “reversed shoulders” problem that doesn’t really bother me.  The snake version always reminds me of a rabbit.  Those teeth look to goofy.  The version that is forthcoming next year will be AWESOME!  And it is an Earl Norem inspired snake version.  Even better.  (Earl Norem is my favorite MOTU artist.)  The Snake Armor He-Man also looks cool.  It doesn’t look like that sword will expand into the Serpos killing version that appeared in the Mike Young cartoon, however.  But I’d bet they change that.  There will be fan outcry probably.
  • As far as I know, NO NEWS about the MOTU movie, or discussion of the MOTU comic.  I hope that the end isn’t near for the current comics.  Lots of haters are out there.  But I have wholeheartedly embraced this story.  Maybe not the biggest fan of an evil Orko.  But the King Randor surprise was very nice.  She-Ra is being developed more than any other character except for Teela and Hordak so far.  I hope NO NEWS isn’t bad news.  (It probably is.)
  • Magic the Gathering Kahns of Tarkir and Commander 2014 look cool.  Is there anything MTG that isn’t appealing?  How could I have missed this game back in High School?  The “Planeswalker Commanders” will be powerful additions to vintage and legacy players decks.  People have been playing with Planeswalkers as commanders for awhile.  I haven’t tried it yet.  It seems like that could be even cooler than the Duel Decks they are always putting out.  (Which are always AWESOME.)  I wasn’t clear on one thing though.  Apparently they are going to re-release some of the past duel decks.  It seems like they might be packed together?  I hope you can buy them separately.  The duel decks are one of the ways that I have ready decks for the SpartanWife to play.  (She plays against me and the boys more and more.  YES!)  The Kahns of Tarkir video is cool, but it is just something that they will dangle in front of us like a carrot to speculate and hype for the next month, and even when they begin reveals, they won’t reveal what everyone wants to see…The new Sarkhan Vol!  The “wedge color” idea seems cool.  I missed “Shards of Alara.”  (I wasn’t playing MTG when that came out.)  Here is my chance to try some of this multi-color actions!

So these are some of the things that caught the SpartanNerd’s attention.  I have more reading to do and videos to watch about it all, but right now these are the things bouncing around in my head.

* Oh yeah.  I didn’t catch it, but apparently the new Sky Sled will come with two interchangeable heads…one snake and one griffin. I can’t remember which cartoon had the lions head on the front.  But that is going to be cool.  I wonder if they will use the 200x Griffin design?



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