SpartanNerd Comics Review…Detective Comics Annual #3

This will be a brief review…Not doing pics and stuff.

This story relates to the “Icarus” storyline…a storyline sort of disconnected from the rest of the bat-verse.  (At least in the sense that it is its OWN story…It has little to do with Robin Rises or Batman: Eternal.)


So far the story has focused on Batman’s struggle against a dangerous drug called “Icarus,” which is threatening to hit the street.  It focuses more on Bruce Wayne’s social fight and Batman’s fight against gangsters.


D.C. Annual #3 is a pulpy prelude to the story.  It is told out of order, giving you clues of the times and dates that different things happen.


But the most striking thing here is how Batman “adopts” a new son, temporarily, but he does…and acts as his protector.  The surprise icing on the cake…the kids real father is Julian Day, aka. to us Bat-fans as “Calendar Man.”  In this issue, Batman created a villain as well as protected that villain’s child.  He took out the gun-runners would be Ick-dealing gangsters with his Bat-armor…(maybe something echoing in the recent “Hellbat” details,) dressed as “Matches Malone,” and really fought gritty.  And this issue provided some background into Batman’s relationship with Elena Aguilla’s work.


This book was a nail biter.  Rarely does a comic completely consume me, and invoke an emotional response.  This one had me cheering!  The NEW 52 comics should ALL be shining stars like this one.  And I’m left wanting to know more…What will happen to the kid?  When will we see a crazy Calendar Man?


I rate this comic 5/5.  How about you?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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