SpartanNerd Review…Play Arts Kai Final Fantasy Advent Children Vincent Valentine

(You should read my review of Cloud Strife from Play Arts Kai if you have the chance, as well as this review to get the whole skinny.)

Final Fantasy VII…The game called “Possibly the greatest game ever made…”  It was for a good reason.  The characters are highly developed, the story is deep, the gameplay is complex, and it is a lengthy game that immerses the player into a fantasy world enough to care about spending hours and hours of time.

Vincent was a “hidden character” in the game…part of an optional side quest.  His story had a good bearing on the whole thing because he could have captured the love of Sephiroth’s mother rather than the scientist she wound up with.  In the game, Vincent is “cursed,” he transforms into various monsters as his limit break.  He has a vampire theme going on…a very gothic type of character.

There is another game featuring Vincent titled “Dirge of Cerberus.”  I haven’t played this game, but evidently it is a first person shooter.  I bring this up because Vincent’s figure features that weapon.  This version here is from Final Fantasy Advent Children, the movie that is the supposed sequel to the game.  (I need to watch that sometime!)

2 vincent second pose



You can see in the pic that Vincent has a fantastic sculpt!  His pointy boots aren’t necessarily my style.  His cape is appropriately tattered, and he has a cloak that covers his shoulders.

7 vincent face

This is another one of those feminine faces.  This time he appears to be wearing lipstick, too.

6 vincent hand

One of my favorite details is this metal gauntlet on his left hand.  I thought in the past that maybe this was a robotic hand or something.  But this figure clears up the mystery.  It is a weapon, with claws on the tips of the fingers!

Notice the stand.  This figure has a defect…his right leg wants to come loose from its ball joint.  basically anytime you move that leg it lets go.  Vincent has no trouble standing, on or off of the stand.  But you have to mess with that leg every time.

5 vincent back

As great as the front of the figure looks, his back is rather plain…

Vincent comes with two accessories.  One open hand, not pictured here.  What’s the point?  SpartanKid wants him to hold his weapon always…his other accessory is his weapon, the Cerberus.

3 vincent chain thing

The only thing I want to point out about this weapon besides that it is a three-barreled long neck pistol is this unusual key…This must be the key to his coffin.  Since I haven’t played “Dirge,” I can’t say anything more about that.

My Rating for Play Arts Kai Final Fantasy Advent Children Vincent Valentine.

I have to deduct a point because of the leg problem.  When you pay around $50 for a figure, it better be perfect.  Next I would like to say that I wish Vincent came with more stuff.  I am glad that the swappable hand that he came with doesn’t have the same problems that the same version of Cloud Strife had,…no it is a traditional ball joint attached to the hand as part of the sculpt.  I don’t know if Play Arts Kai learned their lesson or what.  But I’m glad at least that part of the figure doesn’t have those problems. However the open hand for holding the gun was so stiff I had to use a hair dryer to get it to budge enough to arm him!  Only one more small thing, Vincent’s cloak prevents you from moving his arms up any higher than his elbows when they are bent.  That is why you don’t see any fancy poses here.  All you can really do is pose him standing with or without his gun.

His sculpt is excellent…and he makes for a great “posable statue.”  But as an action figure along the lines of Marvel Select or Masters of the Universe Classics, he falls short.

My rating for vincent is 2/5.  What’s yours?  Leave a comment and let me know!


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