SpartanNerd Unboxing and Review…Marvel Select “The Amazing Spider-man 2”

We have a new Marvel Select figure at the SpartanNerd house…Marvel Select “The Amazing Spider Man 2” Spider-man!

1 package front

Spider-Man came in this box…It isn’t that remarkable.  Just a large window and you can see the components inside.  This was one of two choices in Marvel Select Spider-Man figures available at our local comic book store, “The Tangled Web.”  The other is basically the same figure, but with a crushed car as the stand, and lacking a swappable hand.

Here’s the back…

2 package back

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2” references that movie that never should have been made…

(Tobey MacGuire IS Spider-Man…When they announce the premature reboot I was highly disillusioned and haven’t seen either one..)

Regardless of my feelings about what this figure represents, is it a good Spider-Man figure…Read on, oh Hub City Geeks!

Spider-man comes with all the things pictured here, as well as a promotional poster which I threw away instead of photographing.

3 whats in the box minus propaganda

So you get a stand, an extra right hand with a closed fist, two webs, and a stand that is actually the awning under Spidey’s apartment window.

8 stand backside

The stand can hang on your wall like a picture if you want.

I like this stand, and I think the grubby looking apartment with the wall-unit hanging out over a ratty green awning is quite comic book accurate.

(I wonder what several of these stands strategically placed would be like…the whole side of an apartment building!)

5 portal pose

There are pegs on the wall of the stand…Spider-Man’s power is that he can stick to walls, right?  Here is an attempt to make that work.  This was one of many poses I tried…Spidey does have holes in his feet, but why would you stand him up straight on this stand?  That seems to be the intention, however.

4 spider butt

Here you go…you know you wanted to see the backside of Spider-Man anyways.

Spider-Man’s webs are pretty neat!  They both have a little hook that you may use to connect the ends together to make one super long web, or you can connect them to one of Spider-Man’s fingers and make it seem that he just shot the web.  The webs are not straight, they are bent and curved in a tasteful way.

11 favorite spidey photo

This may be my favorite Spider-Man photo ever!  You can see how the webs work in this picture. (above)

12 hanging

I tried to flex Spider-Man into classic comic poses.  This toy isn’t quite articulated enough for some of Spidey’s most iconic looks, for instance, the Todd McFarlane look.  (My favorite, of course.)  Above is my attempt at one of his most famous poses, “the kiss” pose from Spider-Man 3.  His legs just don’t bend that way.  I wish he had upper thigh cut articulation.  Instead, Spidey can’t really move his knees above his waist.

9 a menace

This figure looks good with other Marvel Select pieces.  Here he is on Deadpool’s stand.  Those webs add great flavor…as if he just landed and they are in motion behind him!

13 spider-man and deadpool

Hey, that’s my stand!

You can see that he is a little shorter than Deadpool.  I don’t know if you can tell from the pic or not, but his fist hand has a little hole where you can make it hold one of the webs too!

14 Spiderman and thanos

Thanos towers over Spider-Man.

15 Spiderman and Thor

Thor is much more muscular…however comparing these two isn’t fair.  Thor is not good as an action figure.  (I wrote a previous review of the Marvel Select Thor.)

16 Spiderman backside webbing Thanos

17 Thanos web detail

But compared to these action figures, Marvel Select Spider-Man is clearly superior.

18 Spiderman and the little guys

So what do I rate Marvel Select “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” Spider-Man?

I give the figure a 4/5.  Spidey’s sculpt is just what you would expect.  I don’t care for the newest movie’s design for the spider emblem on his chest, but this figure minimizes that.  The paint is just as good as you should expect for a $25 figure.  He comes with two great webs, and a pretty decent stand.  I subtracted a point, however because he isn’t as flexible as a Spider-Man figure should be.  He IS as articulated as the other Marvel select figures.  But he should have more joints or something.

so, what would you rate Marvel Select Spider-Man?  Do you agree with my rating of 4/5?  Let me know!

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