SpartanNerd…iPhone 6 Dillema

First World Problems, people…

Not kidding.

I can’t make up my mind about which iPhone I want to get.  I am tempted to get the new iPhone PLUS.  But then I have an iPad mini, which serves all of the functions that such a thing would serve for me.  I use my iPhone less and less for any gaming.  Only “Words With Friends” ever sees any action.  However, I value the ease of access to DropBox and Evernote, and I love the way Apple is making the iCloud work, synchronizing documents across my different platforms.  The main reasons for me wanting an iPhone 6 Plus are that my vision isn’t so good, and I am SICK of the poor battery life that my 4S has been giving me.

And being a cheapskate, I considered dropping the smartphone thing except for the reasons listed above, which are worth every bit of what I pay every month.

What I use my iPhone recreationally the most for is as a camera.  And besides “Focus Pixels,” (whatever that is), the camera’s are identical.  (I wouldn’t take a burst mode selfie EVER)

So maybe I should just upgrade to an iPhone 5C, which I understand would be FREE?

But then again, I do like the design of the new phones.

Hub City Geeks, weigh in on this issue for me.  What should I do?

(I need to upgrade from an iPhone 4S, which has a damaged phone mic and a battery that is just about gone.)


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