SpartanNerd Blog…Groovy Dork List

Sorry, Hub City Geeks!  The SpartanNerd has been doing everything else except blogging:(  Life has been happening, people!

Regardless, the site still seems to get tons of hits everyday, and I have you to thank!  Here are some of my recent thoughts, organized by Groovy and Dork.


Groovy– I like the new Robin, from three years in the future.  (If Future’s End is to remain the future that will be.)  It is nice to do something different with the character.  And great tie-in to Zero Year!

Dork– Still waiting to find out about DAMIAN!


Groovy–  Marvel Secret Wars will be returning…And what was that teaser today?  Civil War 2?!

Dork–  The only Marvel I have read in the past year is THOR, and now he’s a girl.  So…  (But maybe I should give it a shot.  Loki makes a nice woman, in a way…)  They are doing something different with the character!

Groovy– I have put together a pretty solid strategy for the New Standard in MTG.  It is a Junk beatdown, rather than the re-animator I was trying to play.

Dork–  It looks like I won’t be playing any standard until the BIG BOX TOURNAMENT at the Tangled Web on Nov. 1.  Life is in the way of my fun!

Bloodsoaked Champion…one of my new favorites!

Groovy– The Walking Dead Season 4 finally hit Netflix streaming.  Now I can watch it, and catch up.  And after episode 1, I was addicted again.

Dork– Season five is coming out weekly, so I am behind again…

Groovy– Snake Armor He-Man is FINALLY COMING OUT!  I will get one and review it when it does, (if I can!)

Dork–  I requested a review sample of the upcoming Duel Deck Anthology and the Kahns of Tarkir Event Deck from the Wizards.  I never request review samples, and hoped that they might oblige.  But I haven’t heard anything back from them…







SpartanNerd…Drafting with Kahns of Tarkir

I have had the chance to draft Kahns of Tarkir twice. Last week, It seems at least two other people were drafting green and black…”Abzan.” Since I was to their right, I got hosed. So no wins.

This week I decided to research a little, and came across the idea to draft five colors, take up the fixing, and make people sweat in pack three. In this way, rares would be passed to me, especially at the end. This was true. I drafted five rares out of three boosters…Unfortunately, you need more than bombs and “build around me” cards. So Raksasha Vizier, while nice, wasn’t as good as he could have been…I only had three other delve cards. I did manage to get some big flyers…Abomination of Gudul, which were excellent. But not good enough.

Kahns of Tarkir continues to be the most challenging limited format of Magic I have played in my three year career. I haven’t had the opportunity to play constructed yet. And it looks like I won’t have the chance until November 1, when it seems there is a BIG BOX TOURNAMENT.

I have been preparing, however. I intend to stick with the plan of playing “junk.” I may splash blue, though…It is good to “cancel” stuff when people pay such high costs. It looks like control strategies have disappeared, without Sphinx’s Rev and Supreme Verdict. Then Mono Black also has been dampened, as predicted.

I ordered some cards off of TCGplayer that haven’t yet arrived. When they do, I will be posting a summary of my new Junk build. I am also considering getting that M15 “Clash Pack.” This item apparently comes with a lot of good cards in my colors…Courser of Kruphix, etc…Maybe I heard wrong? I could research, but I would rather unbox and review.