SpartanNerd Christmas…”Merry Christmas, Hub City Geeks!” Review of Mixo “boxos He-Man!”

IMG_0386 IMG_0387

OK.  I didn’t even know this product existed!  Totally surprised!  And it is HILARIOUS!  Thanks to the SpartanWife for getting this for me!  Above you see the crafty little box He-Man came in. It shows a clear picture of what the product is.  Evidently, there are three more models…Teela, Skeletor, and Beast-Man.


So, I teach elementary school.  Is “Imaginate” a real word?  (This is on both side panels.)

IMG_0389 IMG_0392

Elementary school teacher or not…the SpartanNerd has a history of not being so good with the scissors and glue.  Not necessary this time, however!  The pieces punch out of a thin piece of card stock…they have little tabs and slots that make it easy to assemble!


I never gave He-Man’s ears much thought…until now!  I laughed and laughed as I applied these ears!  Pictured here is He-man holding his sword and shield.  Notable, however, he comes with another arm holding the axe…if you prefer.



Mixo boxos He-Man is HILARIOUS!  I will have this guy on display in my classroom!  Probably right above the whiteboard.

For what it is, it gets a 5/5 for being so funny. Merry Christmas! 

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