SpartanNerd….Dragons of Tarkir anticipation!

Sorry no blog entries for awhile, Hub City Geeks!  I really just haven’t had anything to say…

Dragons of Tarkir is set to be a HUGE set.  And brings a lot of power to standard that I haven’t seen since I began playing.  This set has COMMANDS!  (two drop cards with four choices…sometimes with “X” values.  “Cryptic Command” is the most famous one from the past.)

OK.  And there are tons of DRAGONS.  Still, Silumgar (spelling?) seems to be my pick.  But most of the black dragons appeal to me.

Liliana’s deck is getting some great new stuff…DURESS IS BACK.  The cool thing is the art shows Zurgo about to be eaten by a dragon.  Duress is decidedly superior to Despise.  Right now I am testing Liliana with two copies of Despise and two copies of Duress, and thinking I may side in Durress against control players and despise against aggro players.  Also Gravepurge is back.  We get a new sweeper reminiscent of some of the demons in Divine vs. Demonic with Deathbringer Regent.  Then there are lots of new tricks to try out.  Cards with Exploit allow you to sac something upon it entering the battlefield…creating effects.

I intend to play in a sealed event next weekend.  I will let you know what goes down, readers!

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