SpartanNerd…Dragons of Tarkir insights

Sorry I haven’t said much about it folks.  I played in the pre-release two headed giant event at the Tangled Web with the SpartanKid, and we beat some good players.  But as a whole, I felt I had never been as hosed as far as cards were concerned.  Neither he nor I had a Dragonlord.  And I saw (and defeated) one Narset Transcendent at the event.  We didn’t place, however.  So it was sort of like we walked away with fifty dollars worth of “bulk cards.”  When we got home, I took all of the black cards, and gave the rest to him.  That’s how sad it was.

Our pre-release two headed giant strategy was SpartanNerd as the control player, SpartanKid as the aggro player.  I put together a five color deck.  This opened all of the options for me, and I was able to play cards in every color during each match of the evening.  The SpartanKid put together a blue and white beat-down deck.  (That’s what he wanted it to be…)  And I covered him.  Oh yes…he insisted on playing “Blessed Reincarnation.”  This was described as “jank.”  But then we beat the person who said that, so….

I drafted this past weekend, (on Dragons release day at the FNM.)  I also didn’t get any significant cards!  What’s up with that!  Still, I broke the top eight and took home a pack.

I decided to draft Grixis (Black Blue Red).  My first pack had a big green monster.  I passed it for some black card.  At the end of the day, I still had three rares, so it came out fair, I suppose.  One of the stars was “Living Lore.”  This guy was great!  I passed my second  rare “Volcanic Vision,” a big red sorcery that should have been unplayable, and it came back to me with only white and green cards as its mates.  Guess what card made Living Lore work?  He became a 7/7, with the upside of getting to be sacked and casting “Volcanic Vision.”  Just sick, really.  I also used exploit whenever I could, and targeted things that gave me card draw, my favorite being Jeskai Sage.  (I generally hate prowess.  But it made him into a threat.  And then when I sacked him, I drew a card.  GREAT!)

The reason I have such a bad taste is because the set Dragons of Tarkir is SO POWERFUL.  But I don’t have any commands.  Not many minor dragons (which generally suck), or dragonlords.  I do have some of the uncommon dragons, just none of the big guys.  I don’t even have a copy of the new Durees!  This means I have opened nine packs and pulled just about zilch.

I have a ton of cards on order to rebuild the Liliana/Waste Not deck.  The card I am looking forward to the most, I think is Kolaghan’s Command.  For three mana, I get to choose from my four favorite things to do at instant speed.  But the big one is DISCARD AT INSTANT SPEED, WITHOUT KILLING BLACK CATS!  The Wizards seem to be promoting Waste Not style decks in printing this, and if my cards arrive by this weekend, I will be playing them in Standard.  Another card I have on order is “Damnable Pact.”  I’m hoping the card advantage will come easier playing this.  I have two copies of Dragonlord Silumgar on order, and I need to figure out how to work the “take control of their creatures” angle.  I also have Kolaghan on order, and think it might be awesome to pair her with Ob Nixilis, Unshackled.  (Break their creatures and their fetches.)  Still, I might keep it simpler, and leave the Dragonlords out in favor of Lava Axes as finishing moves.

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