SpartanNerd Review…Dollar General Market Starscream

Today I would like to talk about one of my growing interests…Transformers!

Not just “any” Transformers will do for me.  I really am only sort of interested in G1.  I am a fan of Megatron as a “Gun”…Not as a tank.  I don’t even like Galvatron.  (And definitely not Rodimus Prime.  That sissy…)

I’m interested in toys that resemble the G1 friends from the past.  I largely never owned many Transformers as a child.  They were generally too expensive.  Masters of the Universe was the perfect price level, at around $5 a piece, my mom didn’t feel she was dropping a lot on the SpartanNerd as a kid.  But Transformers were reserved as Christmas and Birthday presents.

And it seemed every time I had the money to purchase a Transformer, the ones I wanted weren’t available.  For instance, I never saw the “Big Guys”… Optimus Prime, Megatron, Soundwave, Shockwave, Starscream, Wheel Jack, Bumblebee, or whoever.  It was always guys never seen on TV.

So I am on the lookout for Transformers that look like their G1 versions, or like they appeared on the G1 cartoon.  I already found a Grimlock that I like pretty good.

The desire for the type of Transformer I’m looking for brought me to purchase this at the Dollar General Market in Pacolet.


Starscream came in this package, and cost $6.oo.  (I purchased toys from Dollar General Market before to review. ) 

Notice the top says “Level 1 Very Easy”

To be fair, as a kid I did have some Transformers on this scale and level.  Most of them were trucks and cars.  The kind you pull the trunk down to make the spoiler into feet, pull the doors out for arms, and flip the hood back to reveal the head.  Starscream here is a little bit more complicated that that, as we will see.

But have a look!  He looks exactly like his cartoon version!  And this is why I purchased!

Here is the back of the package.


You can see that Starscream can be transformed in ten steps.

Also prominent are Starscreams stats…Oh how I miss the age of “rub decals” and that little piece of red film that you could overlay a graph and read the stats in a “high tech” way!

Taking him out of the box, he looks like this…


He is armed and ready for battle!  The guns are removable…


Tell me that these guns don’t look “G1”!

Starscreams hands are really just sort of “hooks” that you fit the pegs of the guns, which serve as the handle as well.

I transformed Starscream without incident.


To me, the niftiest part of the transformation is that the fore-arms fold back over the top of the jet, forming the area behind the cockpit.

The jet really does look like the cartoon version.  I affixed the guns to the wings on the underside, which seems to look the most natural…kind of like they are missiles…or kind of like the ships in the game “Galaga.”  Speaking of the underside…Starscream only looks good if you view him from the top.  Viewing him underneath exposes his chest, hands and face.

The only thing I don’t like is that the head is still visible as a black stripe right at the nosecone.

So is it really a “Level 1 Very Easy”?  Well, I let the SpartanKid give it a try…he hasn’t been able to do it without assistance, and he is nine years old…

SpartanNerd’s rating of “Starscream” from Dollar General Market is 4/5.  I am taking the point off because a nine year old has made two attempts and been unable to change it.  And then their is the issue with the nosecone.  But this is a perfectly playable Transformer, and it touches a certain “nerve” in the SpartanNerd.

If I see a Thundercracker of the same model, I will definitely pick it up.

Note…I have seen some “clacicized” transformers.  Almost none of them have seemed to me to be worth their price tag.

I hope to do more Transformers in the future.  I just am a picky customer…

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