SpartanNerd Review…Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer.

I was taken aback.  I know.  Late to the party.  But I went to Den of Geek, looking for some news I hadn’t seen, and watched the trailer.

The Star Wars trailer was awesome.  And now this.  Looks like a movie season is upon the SpartanNerd and family!

First of all, I saw Man of Steel at an early showing.  It was good, but I haven’t watched it sense.  One thing I didn’t like, and many other fans as well, was that there was Transformers level of destruction to the city.  Superman wouldn’t do this.  He goes through hoops to keep his enemies from dying.  And how many innocent bystanders were in all of the buildings that were destroyed in Man of Steel?

The trailer begins with this problem…

A government official is talking about the problems that Superman has caused.

We see a scene of protesters holding signs not too unfamiliar to those who have read a lot of Superman comics.  “Superman is an Illegal Alien” etc.

Henry Cavil Superman is walking into a courtroom.  There are armed guards.  (like they could do anything?)

Next, with dramatic music, we see what looks like Superman using his laser-vision to bringing down a building.  Must be Gotham.  Ben Affleck Bruce Wayne is running and screaming “NO!”

We ultimately see him hugging a little girl in the middle of 911 style wreckage, and the camera pans away to where we can see the broken sign of Wayne Enterprises behind him, as the same government official’s voice begins talking about accountability.

We get a glimpse of Wayne Manor, which is a ruined building, and then the voice of Alfred (not sure of the actor) talking about Bruce’s need to avenge crime.  Bruce is holding a newspaper clip Wayne Tower’s destruction, with words written across in bold red,”YOU LET YOUR FAMILY DIE.”  This could only be the Jokers handwriting.

The trailer posits that this brings Batman “out of retirement, maybe?”  We see Bruce training, and then looking at his Batman suit.

The voice of the news chief begins talking about Batman being “A one man reign of terror.”  And how no one is interested in seeing Clark Kent take on Batman.  HILARIOUS!

We see lois talking to Clark, and then his mother.  Followed by a mysterious crowd of people, some with clown makeup on, trying to touch Superman.  This must be a Joker gang.  Why are they in awe of Superman, though?

There is a rocket explosion, a classic throwback to the 1980s.  And then Superman holding a piece of the rocket.

Halfway into the trailer there is a new character.  I believe it to be the actor who is the Joker from Suicide Squad leaks.  this guy is always talking about what is true and what is a lie, and using religious references.  It appears that he is a lawyer of some sort.  Big news for us Joker fans.  While his voice rings in our ears, we see Batmans suit graffittied with “HAHAH THE JOKE’S ON YOU BATMAN.”

Next Bruce begins talking about how “He has the power to wipe out the entire human race.”  This could be a reference to someone other than Superman, but the way the trailer edits it it adds to the tension that people see Superman as the enemy. Directly afterward, Batman is seen in Iron Man style armor, uncovering the Bat-Signal and beaming it into the sky.  The music reaches a peak, and the rain is beating down as the camera angles poetically.  We see his eyes lit up.

Right after that we see what must be Bruce remembering the death of his parents.  A jet flying in towards the city,  A woman wearing a backless dress, followed immediately with Wonder Woman doing some fighting.  Dawn of Justice.  We can only conjecture that as DC makes its Movie Universe, this is a big origin piece for the Justice League.

For some reason right after, we see Batman on a battlefield.  And soldiers are firing at him with a machine gun.  Not sure how this fits.  These soldiers have the Superman symbol on their sleeves.

We see some stuff exploding, and a picture of the Batmobile from behind.  This Batmobile is reminiscent of the Tumbler.

While Alfred tells Bruce that “Superman isn’t our enemy,” we see someone who must be Lex Luthor, but could be the Joker, (hard to tell) looking at a giant green boulder.  Kryptonite…DUH

While we hear the words “Black and Blue” from who I suppose is the Joker, Batman stomps Superman in his new Supermanbuster Armor.  The biggest question everyone has is of course, not that Batman can defeat Superman, but “how?” These images get our brains to working.

As we hear “God vs. Man” we see more action scenes of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

And the trailer ending with “The Redcapes are coming.”  Spoken by “The Joker.”  In a very tongue in cheek sort of way.  It has to be him.

The trailer ends under these words and some tension sounds as Superman postures towards the Batmobile as Batman stand on it as it burns.

SpartanNerd thoughts on the trailer….


Where to start.

I think I will chew on this for awhile!

(NOTE-I was mistaken.  The villain pictured talking here is Lex Luther.  I never thought of him the way he is being presented.)

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