SpartanNerd…I’m Back!

It has been awhile.  I have been too busy to blog.  And had no energy or will.  But now I do.  Tomorrow is my birthday, and we are going to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  I will be sure to have some things to say about that!  No one has given me any spoilers, and I am quite glad.  It will be all surprise!

So what has the SpartanNerd been up to? Besides directing like, five children music events, and falling asleep without realizing it before 9:00 each night, not really much else.  I have played some Magic cards here and there.  A few drafts, a few modern tournaments, and a few standard tournaments, with a sprinkle of commander.  Here is some summarizing…

  • Standard.  Boring.  I want “converge” to work, with Bring to Light.  I’d like to play re-animator.  But it is currently just too slow.  Maybe it will be more possible when the next set comes out, with the promise of the enemy colored tangle lands.
  • Modern.  I have been playing five-color gifts re-animator, to some success.  It is on the slow side.  But I am working to speed it up.  I recently acquired Liliana of the Veil and a Snapcaster Mage.  I think I’ll add another Snap and then the deck will be all I need it to be!  Play the funnest cards (Life from the Loam) and bring out the fatties.  BAM.
  • My Lilianas.jpg

    All six printings of Liliana that I own.  She looks best with purple sleeves….


  • Speaking of funnest cards, I think I have found what I don’t believe to be fun at all in MTG this year.  Infect.  Blood Moon. and Iona, Shield of Emeria.  I do play Iona, but only if I know I am up against a formidable opponent.  Who wants to be told they can’t play their color in a mono-colored deck?  Not fun.  I generally re-animate something different with those opponents.  As for Blood Moon, I was recently looking at building Elf Belcher.  Blood Moon is $30.  This is recommended for the sideboard.  As I played Amulet Bloom, I learned to detest this card.  And I hate to think I would play it against  someone.  I decided to build Borderpost/Restore Balance instead.
  • So this brings me to something else!  I have encountered lots of different modern decks recently.  Decks I have never seen.  Borderpost and Elf Belcher are two of those.  Another is Storm.  So many good players and great fun decks to face.
  • Sadly, Stormcrow’s Clubhouse has closed.  This was a place where I played a ton of Modern.  Now I don’t see any Modern events in the Wizards Event Locator anywhere any time soon.  Major sadness.
  • I have built a “Crosis the Purger” commander deck, and gone toe to toe with several of the new commander decks.  I intend to be reviewing all five of the new decks right here on!

So that was a lot to say!

I didn’t order anything on Cyber Monday or Black Friday.  I’m sure Masters of the Universe Classics had some good buys.  I noticed that Castle Grayskull sold out finally.  I think the Snake Mountain design is terrific.  But it has the same problem as Grayskull.  Where would I keep it?

There are some new Masters figures coming out with greater detail and lower runs by independent companies.  I might just have to get some of those.

I was really tempted to order some of the Four Horsemen’s ravens.  And maybe I still will.  Or maybe not.  Maybe I’ll get some Star Wars stuff instead.  I have noticed quite a few new Micro Machines of Star Wars lately.  And that makes me want Micro machines again in general…

OK…One more big thing.  I am SOOO impressed with the GI Joe 50th anniversary toys.  I saw them at Toys R Us, and almost walked out with them then and there!


Ramble ramble.  I’m back!


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