SpartanNerd-Thoughts on “Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens”

I have seen the movie three times now, and as it is a month since it was released, I am going to write as if spoiling it doesn’t matter….  (A fourth viewing might be imminent.)














You have been warned.


I think Rey must be Leigha’s daughter, but not Han Solo’s.  Making her Kylo Ren’s half-sister.  Either this, or she is Han’s daughter without him being aware.  (also possible and precedented.)

I draw this conclusion like this…

Han Solo doesn’t treat her like a daughter.  He waves off her capture when Finn tells him.

And I don’t think he would be too keen on Finn showing interest in his daughter either, because he saw right away that he was lying about being a resistance fighter.

Kylo Ren gives us the most clues, however.  First when it is mentioned to him that the droid escaped with FN-2187, and had help from a girl, Kylo Ren force pulls that soldier close to him and says, “What girl?”  It’s almost like he already knew the answer.  And as nervous as that soldier was in reporting, I have to wonder if he also knew it.

Kylo Ren begins to insist that they NOT destroy BB-8 in their search, but that it be brought to him.  Does he know that Rey has it?  General Hux even says something about him having “personal issues” getting in the way of the desires of the Supreme Leader (Snoke.)

Why is there this “call to the light?”  He sits in his “mediation chamber” basically praying to Vader’s helmet that he resists the call to the light.  I believe the call to the light is there because he is pursuing business on the planet Jakku where he knows his sister is.  (He feels a need to protect her.)

When Kylo Ren is interrogating Po Dameron, Po refers to his mask.  But he is unaffected.  When he interrogates Rey, however, she says something like “You are a creature in a mask.”  Then he removes his mask.  For her.  His main enemy.  Because she is his sister.

He says he “can take what he wants.”  And begins to Thoughtseize her.  But then, she reverses it on him.  And SHE says he is afraid he will “never be as powerful as Darth Vader!”

Later, while they are fighting each other on Starkiller Base, the fight is fiercely the fight of two siblings.  Maybe not in her mind, but I think so in his.  And he offers to “train her.”  Yet another step towards this conclusion.

Princess/ General Leigha Organa must have thought it best to keep her hidden.  I think there is some Sorceress/Teela action here.  She has too many greater calling responsibilities to be caring for a child.  I’m not sure about how she wound up on Jakku as a junker, though.  But I can’t help but think Kylo Ren had something to do with that.

Making Rey out to be Luke’s daughter would be too cliche.


So Rey is at Maz Tanabata’s castle, and she hears a little girl crying.  It was her own voice calling from the past through the force.  She follows the voice to a box, which she opens and finds has Anakin’s lightsaber.  (This is the same weapon that Anakin fought against Obi Wan with, and Obi Wan lifted from him after he became severely burned.  The one given to Luke, and lost when Vader chopped off his hand.)

When she touches the saber, she has a vision…it begins with a mechanical hand touching R2-D2, with Kylo Ren and who can only be the Knights of Ren in the background.

Han Solo’s story was that Luke disappeared after an apprentice turned against him and messed things up while he was training new Jedi.

What if the Knights of Ren are the other Jedi trainees?

Doesn’t it seem odd that Luke would disappear rather than fight and defeat them?

Instead, he pulls a Yoda, and finds a spiritual quest.  He searches for the first Jedi temple.  (Yoda studied the force on Dagobah after Order 66 and his failed fight against Darth Sidious.)

In star wars terms, Kylo Ren would have “killed” his fellow Jedi students when he showed them the path to the power of the dark side….


And the Knights of Ren must have been important.  This word is thrown around as a legacy of respect towards Kylo Ren.


We know nothing about either of these characters, really.  Maz says “you can tell a lot about people from their eyes” and goes on to tell Finn that his are the eyes of someone who wants to run.

Snoke and Maz have the same eye structure.  Are they the same species?

I don’t even think Maz is anywhere close to Yoda in being strong with the force, or we would have heard about her already, her being 1000 years old and all.  But she must have been around.

Which intensifies the mystery around Snoke.  If there were more Dark Side types around, wouldn’t Darth Sidious have had something to say about that?  At least in the old canon, Sidious was possibly around 200 years old.  They made such a big deal about their only being two Sith?  This prevented the Dark Side from being spread thin.  (Or something like that)

Snoke is definitely a mystery.  I believe Maz fills that need for there to be a little person who is strong in the force.  Luke will be the point man in the next film, and will take on Yoda’s role in training Rey.


The first time I watched this, I thought they must have blown up Coruscant.  But I was wrong.  The Hasnian System was destroyed.  Some reading around on the internet revealed that the New Republic had a moving capital.  So, quite possibly the New Republic still stands.  But when I saw this first, I really thought, “they are declaring the old stuff dead, for real!”  Star destroyers sunk in the sand.  AT-AT walkers half-buried.  And blowing up Coruscant.  But they didn’t.  It just seemed like they did.

This part of the story is cool.  But doesn’t make much sense.  Wouldn’t the resistance have destroyed such a weapon. knowing what was up?  How old is “The First Order” anyways?  It seemed to take years and years to make a Death Star.  But here is an entire planet changed into a weapon.  True, a Death Star is a completely mechanical space station, while Starkiller Base is a hollowed out planet.  But still, wouldn’t knowledge of an entire planet being taken over by the First Order and converted into a weapon be known to the Resistance?

And what does the weapon do the first time it is fired?  It does what it is supposed to do.  (I suppose this was true of the Death Star as well.)


Rey and Chewbacca step into the smuggler role.  Rey becomes the next Jedi, but not without personal tragedy.  Either Luke or Leigha get killed off as a part of this.

Kylo Ren put his helmet down before killing Han Solo.  He doesn’t need it anymore.  He doesn’t need to fear not being as powerful as Darth Vader.  He is now his own Sith.  Killing Han was the sacrifice required.  Snoke tells the soldier to bring Kylo Ren to him so that he can complete his training.

I believe Kylo Ren will kill Snoke.  This is the ultimate conclusion.  We see someone who is a wannabe Vader actually become just as powerful.


THESE ARE MY REAL THOUGHTS ABOUT STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS.  Do you agree or disagree?  Let me know in the comments!







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