SpartanNerd…I picked up these comics!

I was on vacation recently, and picked up these gems.


I say I picked up these gems, but actually, I found a website while I was on vacation,   I suppose relaxing gave me the time to find a site similar to TCGplayer but for comics.  I had been looking for these comics for awhile, with the exception of The Amazing Spider-Man 298, which I saw was up for auction and I won for $22!

The top left is The Origin of Skeletor.  I have every single issue of the DC Comics run of Masters of the Universe now.  This was the only one missing…I had a digital copy only.  On the right is the aforementioned Amazing Spider-Man 298.  This is the first appearance of Venom, as well as the first issue in Todd McFarlane’s run on The Amazing Spider-Man.  At the same auction, the mint condition signed copy went for $450!

The bottom two are what I believe to be the first ever non-minicomic appearances of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe in media.  MOTU is the backup story in these books…apparently it was in all of the titles in November 1982.  So I have more to collect!

I also picked up this one, which I may have been the most excited about.  I remember reading this issue of Spider-Man over and over as a kid.  I was disappointed that Todd McFarlane didn’t do the art on this one…in fact it might have been the issue that I first realized the difference.  But the art isn’t bad, and that isn’t the point.  This book introduced me to THANOS!


Spider-Man 17 might not be on that many people’s radar as a great comic, but it details a near-death experience with Spider-Man, and has a lot of philosophy to it!  As a kid, I was confused and yet fascinated.  I believe I would go on to really appreciate Spawn eventually because of THIS book.

While this was my introduction to Thanos, Thanos would appear in Marvel video games as well, which we had for the PS1.  The infinity gauntlet story is pretty cool, and was one way that I was introduced to the larger Marvel story…the avengers especially.


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