SpartanNerd- Micro Reviews 2

What a cramped week!  Perfect time for some Micro-Reviews.  (Don’t you miss Micro-Machines?)

All-Star Batman #2…I like where this is going.  We are getting some of Batman’s analysis of Harvey Dent/Two-Face’s condition, and some of his motivations.  That Harvey subconsciously makes Two-Face screw up and vice-versa is an interesting nuance.

Batman #6…Here is a funny thing.  Gotham Girl is going “Sinead O-Connor,” shaving off what must truly be gorgeous blond hair, and going around talking to her brother, who was killed in the last issue (and so he isn’t really there…she is going crazy…).  Batman calls Alfred and asks how he “helped” him grieve as a boy when his parents were killed.  And Alfred replies…”Sir.  With all due respect.  You go around at night dressed as a giant bat punching people out!”  Hilarious!

Super Mario World…I never had a Super Nintendo as a kid.  We couldn’t afford it.  In college I played through SMW, but it was on my college friend’s allready finished save state…I never played though it myslef.  I am about 80% complete.  It is a fun game…I just figured out how to generate a ton of lives yesterday.  Would you believe me if I told you I am doing this on my own…no internet cheating!

Magic the Gathering: Kaledesh and the Kaledesh Inventions Masterpiece Series…The set looks good.  But the Masterpieces look exactly like what they are called.  Msterpieces.  I’d bet I own ten copies of Sol Ring.  But never have I wanted a reprint so badly!  Not sure if I am going to play in the pre-release.

Son of Batman…I am watching this animated movie.  It’s great to see Damien in a form other than comics.  Speaking of which, I have missed “Robin: Son of Batman.”  I have all the issues.  Not enough Damien and Tim are happening for me.  Duke Thomas…in the yellow Batman suit…that’s just strange to me.  I would rather see him in a traditional Robin role.  The whole gig was supposed to be a “black Robin,” right?  He was presented thus in Detective Comics #27…(does that even matter anymore?)

Conan the Barbarian…I was recently reviewing my collection of Conan books.  Mine are all digital…I like it that way.  It seems I have an investment of over a hundred dollars of digital goods related to Conan comics!  I like him that much.  Why did I ever think he was boring…plain…unintersting.  That was how it was back about ten years ago!


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