SpartanNerd Micro-Reviews 3

  1. I went and saw Star Wars: Rogue One on December 15, (The day before release) with a special ticket from the Tangled Web.  I had on my Darth Vader costume, and didn’t actually have to show my ticket!  The movie was more of a war movie than the drama we’ve all come to expect from the franchise.  Spoilers ahead…the plans for how to blow up the Death Star falls into the Rebels hands!  (You knew that already…)  A real review will be forthcoming after I see the movie a second time.  It was enjoyable, in a similar way to the oldest Star Wars movies.  But that is all I will say for now.

2. I ordered Rio Blast from the December 15 sale.  Once again, I passed up the chance to get the Wind Raider and the Battle Ram.  Maybe I will get them before the sale ends…I usually get some monetary gifts for Christmas.

3.  On the other hand, I might rather get some Magic Cards to improve my favorite Modern deck, Five Color Gifts.

4.  I have been reading “Death of the Family” again…That New 52 Joker continues to be creepy!

5.  SUPER MARIO RUN…It is alright.  I am a pretty decent Mario player.  I’ve never been a big fan of the screen that moves for you.  Those make some of the most frustrating levels in Mario sometimes.  Super Mario Run…he just runs for you, and you can’t go backwards if you miss the tiniest opportunities to grab that last Black coin, for instance, on world 1-1   The whole Toad Kingdom Builder thing feels rather incomplete to me as well.

6.  Final Fantasy X…I have been playing this.  It was a feat for its time.  But the voice acting not being synced, the obvious skips between character sprite screens and cut scenes.  These bring a very dated feel to the game.  Maybe the remasterd version isn’t as bad?  For now this game is scratching my FF itch.  Final Fantasy XV can wait until it gets discounted.  (That game looks amazing!)

7.  Finally, Mega Construx Mega Bloks.  What is the whole Mega Construx angle all about?  I don’t see much difference.  Here is a pictureimage.jpeg that the SpartanKid took of his most recent





8.  And finally.  The preview for Power Rangers….that blew me away, and people at the Tangled Web showing of Star Wars Rogue One literally shouted and clapped when they saw the trailer, which took me by surprise, with most everyone else.  Who would have thought Power Rangers could look so cool?  I’m sure I’ll have more to say…I have a long and unappreciative history with the Power Rangers.





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