SpartanKid Contribution…Terraria Endgame

You can read my two previous posts about Terraria Here (first post) and Here (Second Post).


In short, these were about the stunted iPad version of the game.  I went on to purchase the Mac edition, which is the way the game was meant to be played!


But basically, my previous posts still apply.

The SpartanKid said he wanted to write up what he knows about my adventure into the endgame after reading my first two posts…what can I say.  I inspired him!


SpartanKids terraria endgame analysis

Okay, you might have played terraria before, and killed the golem, the hardest boss you know of. But did you know that ( only on the computer edition ) there is more than that? After you kill the golem, head to the dungeon. You may not have had any use for the dungeon sense you killed Skeletron, but you need to go there now. You should see four guys worshiping an big emblem on the wall. Kill all four of them. Then kill the emblem. The boss “Lunatic Cultist” will spawn, a boss that teleports, and can cast spells. He has multiple element themed spells he will use to kill you, and spawn ancient visions to kill you. He will also spawn arch wyverns to kill you too. After you kill him there will be four new biomes. Each has a boss in it. Kill 200 of their minions to lower their force fields so you can kill them. Then when you have killed them all you will receive the kind, peaceful message that says “impending doom aproaches”. Then wait one minute for just that to happen. The boss of terraria will spawn, the MOON LORD. he has four body parts to kill: head with 5000 life, arms with 2500 life a peace. Then when they die true eyes of cthulhu will spawn. They are indestructible and cannot die.for more info on MoonLord click the link.





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